Elite Dangerous – Type-9 Heavy

The Type-9 Heavy is a huge transport ship. When it comes to cargo space only a few and more expensive ships can carry more cargo.

At this size the jump range is of course low; so is speed and maneuverability.

It has better shielding and weapons than the Type-7 so you do have some defensive options for protecting your precious cargo.

Type-9 Heavy vs. Type-7

The Type-9 Heavy has better weapons and shields, and can carry much more cargo (532 vs 304 t).

The Type-7 has better handling and better jump range (25,1 vs 20,2) - and more affordable for new players. However expect both ships to have very low jump range if maxed out with cargo! 

Price: 76.555.842 cr
Max range: 17,64 ly
Max cargo: 532 t
Speed: 130 m/s
Boost Speed: 200 m/s
Manoeuvrability: 0
Weapons: 3x Medium, 2x Small
Internals: Class 8, Class 7, Class 6, Class 5, 2x Class 4, 2x Class 3, Class 2
Military: -
Landing Pad Size: Large

Event though the Type-9 Heavy is one of the largest ships you can buy, it seems tiny next to this MEGA ship; an Aquarius Class Tanker located in the Wyrd system.