Alliance Challenger

After being disappointed by the Alliance Crusader, the Alliance Challenger was actually a nice surprise! Being more agile than the Crusader makes it  much better Thargoid Scout killer, as it is much easier to keep my fixed Guardian Gauss Cannons on the target. It is not as fast as the Alliance Chieftain but the Alliance Challenger has stronger shields and more internal compartments and an extra weapon slot giving it some more versatility.

The jump range is decent for a combat and doesn't overheat as easy as the Alliance Crusader when scooping fuel; however, firing those Guardian Gauss Cannons will quickly overheat your ship so make sure to bring heat sinks for long fights!

Price: 20.065.215 cr
Max range: 21,1 ly
Max cargo: 122 t
Speed: 209 m/s
Boost Speed: 348 m/s
Maneuverability: 3
Weapons: 5 slots: 1 Large + 2 Medium + 3 Small
Internals: 7 slots: 6 5 3 3 2 2 1
Utility: 4 slots
Military: 3 slots:  4 4 4
Fighter Bay: Yes
Landing Pad Size: Medium

Anti-Thargoid Combat build


  • 3E AX Multi-Cannon (Turret)
  • 2B Guardian Gauss Cannon (Fixed)
  • 2B Guardian Gauss Cannon (Fixed)
  • 2B Remote Release Flak Launcher (Fixed)
  • 1D Guardian Gauss Cannon (Fixed)
  • 1G Burst Laser (Turret)
  • 1G Burst Laser (Turret)


  • 3 x 4D Guardian Hull Reinforcement


  • OIHeat Sink Launcher [Ammo Capacity]
  • 0A Shield Booster [Heavy Duty ; Super Capacitors]
  • 0F Shutdown Field Neutraliser
  • OE Xeno Scanner

Core Internal:

  • 1A Military Grade Composite [Heavy Duty ; Deep Plating]
  • 6A Power Plant [Overcharged ; Monstered]
  • 6A Thrusters [Dirty Drives ; Drag Drives]
  • 5A Frame Ship Drive [Increased Range ; Mass Manager]
  • 5D Life Support [Lightweight]
  • 6A Power Distributor [Charge Enhanced ; Cluster Capacitors]
  • 4D Sensors [Lightweight]

Optional Internal:

  • 6C Bi-Weave Shield Generator [Reinforced ; Fast Charge]
  • 5D Guardian Hull Reinforcement
  • 3D Guardian Hull Reinforcement
  • 3A Fuel Scoop
  • 2E Cargo Rack
  • 1E Decontamination Limpet Controller