Elite Dangerous – Ships

Click the links below to read my opinion about the ships I have tested. – still a few more ships to go…

Notice: Jump ranges are calculated by upgrading to a A-class FSD jump drive and replacing all other default internal modules with similar sized D-class modules and remove all hardpoints, utility and optional modules. No engineering effects have been applied. Jump ranges can be increased further by experimenting with reducing size of e.g. engine and thrusters. Jump ranges can be increased even further using engineering.

Adder77.05327.7926SMultipurpose – nice upgrade from Sidewinder for trading or exploration. Better for combat / self protection than Sidewinder or Hauler
Alliance Challenger26.736.40222.56146MNice combat ship with good weapon placement. Good for taking out Thargoid Scouts
Alliance Chieftain17.007.92724,3988MNice combat ship, especially for fixed weapons.
Alliance Crusader20.065.21520.67122MLess firepower and agility than the other Alliance medium ships but with a fighter hangar instead.
Anaconda128.965.69431.18468LBig and powerful – but a nightmare to dock manually. Best ship for long range exploration!
5.845.16433.84128MVery good multipurpose ship – very versatile. Also one of the best ships for exploration! 🙂
Asp Scout3.475.91431.3044SI recommend you save 2Mcr more and buy the Asp Explorer instead – or use the DBX if you can’t afford it yet.
Beluga Liner74.177.50124,36368LGreat ship for long range passenger (or cargo) transports
Cobra Mk. III306.87926.3260SThis is the probably the best multipurpose ship until you can afford an Asp! 🙂
Cobra Mk. IV671.04123.1688S Multipurpose. One extra Class 1 weapon and 28t more cargo  than Cobra Mk III but less jump range, speed and agility.
Diamondback Explorer1.662.65233,6552SHighly recommended for getting started with  exploration 🙂
Diamondback Scout495.20027,8428SExploration
Dolphin1.173.50231.3084SSmall luxury passenger ship with good jump range.
Eagle Mk. II39.31223.9114SLight fighter – fast and agile, and affordable.
Federal Assault Ship17.386.96621.3896M Nice combat ship, especially for fixed weapons
Federal Corvette164.943.19418.99624L The most powerful combat ship!
12.560.71618.22164MHandles surprisingly worse than expected!
Federal Gunship31.426.96617.70168MSlow combat ship with low jump range but plenty of firepower and defensive options.
Fer-de-lance45.250.07818.672MPowerful combat ship – like a Vulture on stereoids! 🙂
Hauler46.26237,322SFreighter – nice upgrade from Sidewinder for trading. Great for exploration until you can afford a Diamondback
Imperial Clipper19.564.61824.63284LFast and agile multipurpose ship that can defend it self
Imperial Courier2.231.42326.8330SBeautiful little ship but I recommend save some more money and buy a Vulture instead
Imperial Cutter188.072.50623,96792L Big and beautiful but it is vulnerable in combat due to low maneuverability
Imperial Eagle97.25023.5516SLight fighter. Faster and better weapons compared to Eagle Mk. II but less agile.
Keelback2.743.20126.6296MCombat freighter – good for trading or mining
Krait Mk240.201.96627.68232MVery good multipurpose ship – great for deep core mining and combat. This is a MUST-HAVE! 🙂 🙂 🙂
Krait Phantom32.881.90229.19190MHighly recommended for long-range exploration! 🙂
Mamba49.023.32818.666MSuper fast combat ship, very fun to fly
Orca42.593.75218.01192LBeautiful ship that handles well. Very nice for short range bulk passenger or transport missions.
Python49.998.35324.54292MVery versatile and powerful ship!
Sidewinder28.08023.6210SYour starter ship (Multipurpose)
Type-6917.81832,5114MMedium size transporter with good jump range
Type-715.331.90225.03304L Great ship for traders – nice handling and plenty of cargo space
Type-9 Heavy67.177.75217.64532LHuge cargo capacity but low jump range
Type-10 Defender109.472.81323,7532LBased on the Type-9 Heavy but highly armoured and improved FSD.
Viper Mk. III125.42319.7822SMedium fighter. The fastest ship but not as agile as the Eagle Mk. II
Viper Mk. IV384.28525.2950SMedium fighter with good shields and more cargo than Viper Mk III but less agile
Vulture4.322.22821.560SHeavy fighter, very powerful, lot of fun! 🙂

*Ships of size Small and Medium can land on outposts; Large ships can only land at space stations (and planets).

Multipurpose ships can be used for exploration, transport, passengers, mining and also some fighting. But be careful – they are not true combat ships.

Discounts on ships and outfitting
  • 15% discount on ships and outfitting in all systems controlled by Li Yong-Rui (you don’t need to pledge to get the discount)
  • Asp Explorer and Orca sold with 20% discount at Irkutsk station in Alioth star system (require permit)
  • 10% discount on all ships and equipment at Jameson Memorial (all ships and equipment for sale at this station!) in the Shinrarta Dezhra system. This require a Founders World permit (you must have Elite rank or be a Kickstarter backer to get this permit).