Elite Dangerous – Type-7

The Type-7 is a large transport ship. It is not pretty but it is great for traders,  mining, transport or passenger missions.

I was actually surprised that for such a large ship it handles much better than expected, especially when upgraded with 5A thrusters.

When maxed out with Cargo racks it can carry an impressive 304 t cargo - however the jumprange is only 15,24 when all cargo racks are full but with empty cargo racks the jumprange is a more reasonable 25,82 (5A FSD, everything else "D", no weapons, no utilities).

If you plan to make your money by trading, the Type-7 is a great ship!

Price: 17.472.252 cr
Max range: 25,03 ly
Max cargo: 304 t
Speed: 180 m/s
Boost Speed: 300 m/s
Manoeuvrability: 1
Weapons: 4 Small
Internals: 10 slots: 3 x Class 6 +  3 x Class 5 +  2  x Class 3 + Class 2 + Class 1
Utility: 4
Military: -
Fighter Bay: -
Landing Pad Size: Large

Below is my mining configuration; the Type-7 has plenty of cargo and internal slots for an efficient yet affordable mining ship. With this configuration I can carry 128t cargo and have a max jump range of 22.77 ly. 

If you are only mining close to your home station you can ignore the Fuel Scoop and get some more cargo space instead. Also, I like auto docking for large ships like this - if you want a little more cargo space you can ignore the Auto Docking Computer and mount a small cargo rack instead. If you are careful you could also trade the shield for more cargo space but it is very likely you will hit some rocks when mining an asteroid field so I prefer having a small shield. 

Notice: The you will require one Prospector limpet for each rock you want to prospect - make sure to buy plenty of limpets before you leave the station. Also when activating a Collector limpet make sure you do NOT target any fragments - otherwise the limpet will only collect that one fragment and then selfdestroy;  keep targeting the Prospector limpet instead!

Notice: The "Restock All" menu will NOT restock limpets; instead you need to click the "Advanced Maintenance" and then the "Restock" menu to buy some Limpets.


  • 1D Mining Laser
  • 1D Mining Laser
  • 1G Burst Laser (turret)
  • 1G Burst Laser (turret)

Utility Mounts: None

Core Internal:

  • 1C Lightweight Alloy
  • 4A Power Plant
  • 5D Thrusters
  • 5A Frame Shift Drive
  • 4D Life Support
  • 3A Power Distributor
  • 3D Sensors
  • 5C Fuel Tank

Optional Internal:

  • 6E Cargo Rack (64 t)
  • 6E Cargo Rack (64 t)
  • 5A Collector Limpet Controller
  • 5A Prospector Limpet Controller
  • 4A Refinery (10 bins)
  • 4D Shield Generator
  • 3A Collector Limpet Controller or
    3A Fuel Scoop *
  • 1E Standard Docking Computer

* When mining close to my home base I prefer mounting an extra Collector Limpet Controller to speed up collecting the fragments; for longer journeys you might need a Fuel Scoop instead.