Stranded: Alien Dawn - Game SEED

Game seeds

When starting a new game you  will start at a random location. You can influence your start location, the terrain, resources etc. by choosing different game “seeds”.

A good game seed should have most of the important resources nearby, e.g. Clothblossom (Bright-leaved flower), Grain grass (Tall grass) or Graincob (Tall leafy plant) and some fruits or vegetables + plenty of wood and stone. Also one or more nearby insect nests is great for getting early  access to Carbon nanotubes.

Hint: If you are missing some important resources, it may help to bring Rita in your team as she can discover other resources when she is on a exploration mission!

Most important for a good game seed is the breakthroughs that are unlocked at game start. I prefer seeds that includes several of these breakthroughs:

  • Graphene solar cells
  • Carbon wind turbines
  • Carbon armor
  • Battery optimization
  • Ballon optimization

Best Game seeds

GOLF-LEADLarge flat area with good soil. Only drawback is insect nests are very far away and not as many spaceship wrecks and other maps. Plenty of stone and some ore nearby. Limited food nearby, recommend Rita to field discover other food sources.
Starting breakthroughs: Graphene solar cells, Carbon wind turbines, Battery optimization, Improved pulse rifles, Chitin synthetics.
SWITCH-ACCESSLarge flat area with good soil (Loam). Plenty of wood and rocks nearby but limited food nearby  – recommend using Rita for discovering other resources while on exploration.
Starting breakthroughs: Improved solar cells, Graphene solar cells, Hay cloth, Carbon wind turbines, Carbon armor. Insect nest not too far away.
TOWER-POETRYLarge area with good soil and nearby Clothblossom, Graingrass, Fruit bush, Buttermelon, Glitter caps + Siliconleaf, Grain cobs and Skinbark a short walk away. Nearby very large insect nest.
Starting breakthroughs: Graphene solar cells, Battery Optimization, Improved Laser pistols, Improved Railgun Snipers and Carbon armor


Other Game seeds

SEED Description
BIRD-BREAK Crashed on a small spot on top of a mountain near cliffs. There is an open area with a small lake not far away, however it is mostly Clay (50%) and Silt (75%) – good soil with Loam (100%) is longer away in opposite direction. Clothblossom close to crash site, Graincob not too far from crash. Plenty of trees.
BITE-TIP Soil is mostly Sand (60%) but also some Loam (100%). Clothblossom, Heptagonia, Glittercap and Siliconleaf near crash site; Grain grasss and Skinbark longer away.
CITY-HAT Crashed in flat area on top of mountain with beatiful view of landscape below; mostly Silt (80%) – Loam (100%) on nice large flat area near lake. Graincob, Buttermelon,  Glittercap, Skinbark and Smokeleaf near crash site. However, Clothblossom is far away.
DRAGON-FLY Large flat area with good Loam (100%) soil for farming and plenty of room for large base. Clothblossom, Graincob, Smokeleaf, Skinbark and Siliconleaf near crash site; Buttermelon, Grain grass and Heptagonia a little longer away.
EFFECT-PHOTO Large flat area with mostly bad soil (Clay 50%). Graincob, Clothblossom, Fruitbush, Glittercap, Siliconleaf, Smokeleaf and Skinbark near crash site.  Several nearby animals. Insect nest very close to crash site!
EMPLOY-FUEL Small rocky crash site with some good soil. Buttermelon, Fruit bush, Beef berries, Heptagonia, Smokeleaf and Skinbark near crash site. Graincob and Clothblossom a short walk away.
FILM-GLOVE Soil is mostly Clay (50%) at crash site. Clothblossom, Graincob, Glittercap and Smokeleaf near crash site; Heptagonia,  Skinbark and Silikonleaf a little longer away. Two nearby nests for farming Carbon with nearby Fruitbush to observe. No Buttermelon or Beefberries near crash site.
GEAR-REST Very large flat open area with god soil. Grain grass at crash site. Nearby Clothblossom. Other plants a bit farther away. Wood is far away from camp site so you should consider making some nearby farms. Not much food to harvest nearby – a challenging map!
GRADE-TASK Crashed at an area with good soil (100% Loom) and plenty of stone and wood nearby. Graincob close to crash site; Clothblossom is a bit farther away but not too far. Several nearby space debris for scavening.
HOME-CARD Good soil at crash site. Graincob, Fruit bush, Buttermelon, Glittercap, Heptagonia and Silicon and Skinbark near crash site – Clothblossom a little farther away but easy to find.
JUICE-BRANCH Crashed at small area but nice flat area with good soil just a short walk away. Found most plants near crash site/new camp or a short walk away. Found Simon and Connor on expeditions and Greyson walked into camp. Only basic Solar panel and Wind turbine so some challenges with power supply.
Jurassic Park Soil is mostly Silt (75%) but also some Loam (100%). Graincob, Fruit bush, Buttermelon, Glittercap, Heptagonia and Smokeleaf near crash site; Silicon leaf a short walk from crash site; Clothblossom and Skinbark farther away.
LEG-PASS Crashed at small area in mountains with good soil. Fruitbush, Buttermelon, Glittercap, Smokeleaf and Siliconleaf near crash site; Heptagonia a little walk away. Grain cob very close to nest! Insect nest very close to crash site, several more nests  a little farther away = plenty of Carbon!
LIFE-CHEEK Crashed at very large flat area with good soil (Loam 100%). Clothblossom, Heptagonia and Siliconleaf at crash site. Grain grass and Fruit bush close to crash site. Trees are far away from crash site. Yokko wandered into the camp, Hann rescued on Expedition.
PIECE-BONUS Large flat area with nearby rocks and cliffs, close to a large lake. Graincob close to crash site but Clothblossom is far from the crash site. Soil is mostly Silt (80%) near crash site but there is Loam near the lake.  Got Lana and Kana as extra team members (one from Exploration, one wandering into my camp). You will need to make a few farms with trees as there is not much forest near the camp site.
SOUP-LIGHT Large flat area with good soil (Loam, Silt). Found most useful plants near crash site except Clothblossom so you have to harvest Skinbark or animal hides for clothes until you eventually find Clothblossom. Nest close to crash site. On day 10 Vanessa walked into the camp. A challenging map. 🙂
SHINE-ESCAPE Crashed at small flat plateu near mountain top with goid soil (Loam 100%).  Beefberries, Fruitbush, Buttermelon at crash site. Glittercap close to crash site. Graincob and Clothblossom a little farther away.
TOOTH-PANIC Large flat area with plenty of small rocks and trees nearby and some nearby Ulfen to hunt. Small nearby pond and mountains in the distance – very beautiful location. However, the soil is mostly Clay (50% growth) or Silth (75% growth).
TRAIN-HEAVY Crashed at very large open area with good soil (Loam 100%). Grain grass and Clothblossom near crash site; Grain cob, Buttermelon, Fruit bush, Heptagonia, Siliconleaf and Smokeleaf a little walk away; Skinbark and Glittercap longer away. Nearest nest is far away.
WALL-FINAL Large flat area with good soil (Loam 100%) nearby Graincob, Buttermelon, Heptagonia and Smokeleaf. Clothblossom short walk away. Daniel walking into the camp on day 5.
WAR-TOP Large area with good soil (mostly Silt 75% but also some Loam 100%). Plenty of Fruit bush near crash site and a nearby insect nest. Also found Graincob, Beefberries, Glittercap, Buttermelon, Heptagonia, Skinbark and Siliconleaf near crash site.  Clothblossom very far from camp.