Stranded: Alien Dawn - Expeditions

Expeditions allow you to unlock new technology, max out a skill, find a new team member or get some useful resources, clothes or weapons.

However, you must first research Long distance before you can build your ballon and travel on expeditions:

  1. Research Oil Extraction, build an Oil press and extract Vegetable Oil from Grain.
  2.  Research Fuel Mixing and then produce Liquid Fuel at your Workbench.
  3. Research Long distance travel and build your Hot air ballon from the Science 

Before you can go on your first expedition you must first produce 30 Liquid Fuel at the Workbench – if you do not have enough Vegetable Oil to produce the fuel then start by producing more oil at the Oil press. Then select one of your survivors, right-click on the Hot air ballon and order the survivor to Refuel the ballon.

Hint: You may later unlock a new breakthrough technology that upgrade you Hot air ballon to only require 15 fuel.

Select the ballon and click the Expedition button, then select an expedition type and a team member. 

Hint: Rita has the Natural curiosity trait – she will field observe unknown species during expeditions – this can be very useful instead of manually searching the entire map for certain plants that are far away from your crash site.


The Explore mission will discover a new site with e.g. a cargo pod, armory bay etc.

Armory bay debris

Chance to loot weapons

A distress signal

Notice: These expeditions will expire after a few days!

Did not rescue any survivors but marked place for later scavenge expeditions.

A shooting star

Loot some scrap metal

Cargo pod

Notice: These expeditions will expire after a few days!

You will be given the option to salvage some medicine, food or clothes or come back later.

Engine debris

Send a survivor with high Physical skill to improve the scavenge result.

Peculiar crash site

This mission will unlock the Orbital radio research. By researching and building the Orbital radio you will be able to contact nearby space ships, which can then either provide useful items for your survivors or rescue one survivor at a time.

Security signal

You are given the option to fight off some animals, look for survivors or put out the flames so we can come back later and search the place.

Self-destruct alert

Notice: These expeditions will expire after a few days!

You can select either:

  • Loot and unlock research for Improved laser pistols
  • Loot and unlock research for Improved pulse rifles
  • Loot and unlock research for Improved railgun 
  • Loot Carbon armord and reduce research time for Carbon armors by 75%
  • Loot a random weapon.

Shrieking noices

This expedition discovers Shriekers nests.

Signal rocket

Notice: These expeditions will expire after a few days!

You have a chance of getting a new random survivor for your team.

Tachyon source

Unlocks the Alien language research.