Stranded: Alien Dawn - Resources


When starting a new game your first priority should be to find and observe these plants:

  • Bright-leaved flower = Clothblossom 
  • Tall leafy plant = Graincob or
  • Tall grass = Grain grass

Next observe any plants that produces food:

  • Berry plant = Beefberries
  • Orange mushrooms = Glittercap
  • Peculiar bush = Fruit bush
  • Squash-like plant = Buttermelon
  • Tube plant = Heptagonia

Third priority is to observe these plants:

  • Densely-leafed plant = Chew root
  • Pointy red plant = Siliconleaf
  • Twisted plant = Skinbark
  • Wide-leafed plant = Smokeleaf

Finally observe trees, bushes and grass:

  • Big broadleaf tree (30 wood)
  • Broadleaf bush (sticks)
  • Evergreen tree (20 wood)
  • Giant grass (hay)
  • Small broadleaf tree (20 wood)

Notice: Most plants should be planted in Loam soil in order to gain 100% harvest. Heptagonia is an exception as it prefers Gravel soil, which can be found near rocks or mountains.

Berry plant
Produces Beefberries (food).
Bright-leaved flower
Produces cloth used for crafting clothes at a Tailor bench.
Glitter cap
Orange mushrooms
Produces Glitter cap (food).
Tall leafy plant
Produces grain which can be used for food but is also important for crafting Antibiotics in a Fermentation barrel and Vegetable oil in an Oil press (which can then be turned into Liquid fuel at the Workbench).
Grain grass
Tall grass
Produces Grain like Graincob. It is green in the early spring but then changes color to orange/yellow as it becomes ready for harvest so either look for tall green or yellow/orange grass to observe.
Chew root
Densely-leafed plant
Produces Chew roots (food).
Squash-like plant
Produces Buttermelon (food).
Fruit bush
Peculiar bush
Produces Bushfruits (food + wine).
Pointy red plant
Produces Silicon used for crafting Electronics and CPU cores at a Soldering bench. Low priority when starting a new camp but become important later.
Twisted plant
Produces Veggie leather that can be crafted into clothes at a Tailor bench.
Wide-leafed plant
Produces Raw smokeleaf which can be used for Smokeleaf tea or it can be dried at a drying rack  into Dried smokeleaf and then used for creating Smokeleaf pipe at a workbench, which improves Happiness.
Tube plant
Produces Sweet Syrup (food).
Plant in Gravel soil which is located near rocks or mountains.
Blade grassCan be cut into Hay. Blade grass is green in early spring but get yellow/orange later.
Giant grassCan be cut into Hay.
BushesCan be cut into Sticks. Can be either Big or Small.
Evergreen treesCan be cut into Wood. Can be either Big or Small.
Broadleaf treesCan be cut into 30 Wood. Can be either Big (30 wood) or Small (20 wood).


Notice: After you kill an animal you also have to butcher it to retrieve the raw meat. Also remember to collect the hides from Ulfen and dry them at a drying rack in order to create leather.

BonecrusherRaw poultry meat + Hide
Peaceful carnivore.
Red-feathered bird
Raw poultry meat
Flat-head Animal
Raw red meat.
Peaceful herbivore.
Explosive SkarabeiRaw insect meat
Bloated insect
Raw insect meat.
Peaceful omnivore.
Flightless Bird
Raw poultry meat
Flying insect
Raw insect meat.
Peaceful carnivore.
Horned insect
Raw insect meat. Aggressive carnivore.
Overgrown SkarabeiRaw insect meat
Small flying lizard

Raw poultry meat.
Peaceful carnivore.
Can often be seen wandering around in your camp.

Huge mantis
Small starving mantis

Raw insect meat.
Peaceful Omnivore
The Small starving mantis is a Starving hatchling.
Spike-tailed insect
Raw insect meat.
At their nest you can encounter both Shrieker Hatcling and Nesting Shriker.
Overgrown insect
Raw insect meat
Big horned animal
Raw red meat + Hide. 
Peaceful herbivore.


You can mine Stone, Ore, Silicon and Carbon Nanotubes from these resources:

Nest FormationCarbon Nanotubes. Be careful – the nest will be protected by aggressive animals!
Ore Deposit
Interesting rock
Ore – can be smelted into Metal alloys ; however you can ignore this if you have planty of Scrap metal.
Silicon Deposit
Shiny Rock
Silicon – however it is easier to farm Silicon from Siliconleaf.
Small rock chunkStone