Elite Dangerous - Engineers

Engineers use Blueprints and Materials to upgrade your ship components e.g. more powerful weapons, longer jump range, faster scans etc.

Each Engineer specialize in upgrading specific modules only. In order to use an Engineer, you must first unlock him/her. At first you get an invitation from the Engineer telling you where to find him or her and how to unlock access.

For example, to gain access to Felicity Farseer, who can upgrade Frame Shift DrivesEngines and Thrusters, you need to have an Exploration rank of Scout or higher. After that you can unlock her services by providing one unit of Meta-Alloys.

After you gain access to an Engineer, you can then start improving your modules using the blueprints provided by the Engineer. At first you will only have access to level 1 blueprints. After making tree of those, the Engineer is upgraded to level 2 blueprints and so on. When you start making level 3 blueprints you will typically get an invitation to another engineer. Blueprints can currently be upgraded to level 5. The higher level blueprints will result in better updates but will also cost more materials including some rare materials that may take some time to get.

Notice: Currently there is a lot of luck involved in getting the best updates; when patch 3.0 is released it will be much easier to upgrade your modules, so I recommend saving your materials until then.

Hint: Some engineers sell you some unique components – for example Professor Palin sells an Enhanced Performance Thrusters, which combined with his engineering skills allow for some speed records!

Pinning Blueprints

At each Engineer you can choose to pin one blueprint, which you can then use from any station by using the REMOTE WORKBENCH.

Notice you can not make Experimental Effects at the Remote Workbench – you must visit the Engineer to apply any Experimental Effect.

Also notice that you can only pin one blueprint from each Engineer so make sure you select the blueprint that you are most likely to use on most of your ships. I recommend you pin the following blueprints:

Engineer Component Blueprint
Bill Turner Plasma Accelerator Efficient / Focused / Long Range
Broo Tarquin Beam Lasers Efficiant
Chloe Sedesi Engines Clean Drives
Colonel Bris Dekker FSD Interdictor Longer Range
Didi Vatermann Shield Booster Heavy Duty
Elivira Martuuk FSD Increased Range *
Felicity Farseer FSD Increased Range *
Hera Tani Power Plant Overcharged
Juri Ishmaak Detailed Surface Scanner Expanded Probe Radius
Lei Cheung Shield Generator Reinforced / Thermal Resistant
Liz Ryder Seeker Missile High Capacity
Lori Jameson Life Support Lightweight
Marco Qwent Power Plant Low Emissions
Professor Palin Engines Dirty Drive
Ram Tah Heat Sink / Chaff Launcher Ammo
Selene Jean Armor Heavy Duty
The Dweller Power Distributor Charge Enhanced
The Sarge Collector Limpets Lightweight
Tiana Fortune Sensors Lightweight
Tod “The Blaster” McQuinn Multi-Cannon Overcharged
Zacariah Nemo Fragment Cannon Overcharged

* Pin the FSD – Increased Range at either of these Engineers and choose whatever you like at the other.