Elite Dangerous – Alliance Chieftain

The Alliance Chieftain is a new combat ship currrently in BETA; the below stats may change.

The weapons slots are nicely placed for using fixed weapons. With 2 Large, 1 Medium and 3 Small this ship can mount some serious firepower; however the powerplant is not able to keep up with power hungry weapons like beam lasers or plasma accelerators unless you visit some friendly Engineers.

With 3 Class 4 Military slots you can mount som Hull Inforcement, Module Inforcement or Shield Cell Banks. There are 4 utility mounts (pretty normal for a ship of this size).

Jump range is not impressive but similar to other combat ships.

I have only tested the Chieftain briefly on the BETA but will update with more information when I have done some more combat in this nice little ship.

Price: 19.382.252 cr
Max jump range: 24,39 ly
Fuel tank: 16 t
Max cargo: 88 t
Speed: 267 m/s
Boost Speed: 383 m/s
Maneuverability: 4
Hull: 420 t
Shield: 234 MJ
Weapons: 2  Large +  1 Medium + 3 Small
Internals: 6 slots: Class 6 + Class 5 + Class 4 +2 x Class 2 + Class 1
Utility: 4
Military: 3 x Class 4
Fighter Bay: -
Landing Pad Size: Medium