Elite Dangerous – Imperial Cutter

The Imperial Cutter is currently the largest and most expensive ship in the game. The Cutter is a beautiful ship worthy of the Emperor himself! However, compared to the smaller Imperial Clipper (which is also a very beautiful ship) it is slow; especially at turning. For this reason only turrets are useful in combat; even gimbal weapons have problems tracking fast moving targets when you yourself are turning so slow.

The Imperial Cutter has strong shields and strong weapons and can also mount a fighter bay with 1 or 2 small fighters but it is outgunned by the Federal Corvette with its two huge guns.

It has lots of internal compartments and can transport a massive amount of cargo - with 792t is is able to transport more cargo than any other ship. 

Anaconda vs Federal Corvette vs Imperial Cutter

Of the three big ships the Cutter has the strongest shields (600 vs 555/350 for Corvette/Anaconda) and

Most of the Core Internals and Optional Internals are larger on the Cutter; however the Cutter has the smallest power distributor (Class 7) so it will not be able to keep the most powerful weapons firing as long as the Anaconda and Corvette. 

With a Class 7 FSD drive the jump range of the Cutter is a little better (25,7 ly vs 19,5 ky) than the Federal Corvette but still not great - the Anaconda has an impressive jumprange of 41 ly! The Cutter is a very heavy ship - with a mass of 1.100 t it is only second to the Type-10 (1.200 t). The Federal Corvette has a slightly lower mass of 1.100 t but it also has a smaller Class 6 FSD drive which results in less jump range even though it is lighter; the Anaconda also has a Class 6 FSD like the Corvette but "only" has a mass of 400 t which explains the excellent jumprange.

Being the biggest ship it comes to no surprise that the Cutter has less manoeuvrability than the Anaconda and Corvette; the Federal Corvette actually handles surprising well compared to the size of the ship. Like most Imperial ships it is faster than the other big ships.

Empire rank requirement: Duke or higher.

Price: 203.745.220 cr
Max range: 23,96 ly
Max cargo: 792 t
Speed: 202 m/s
Boost Speed: 323 m/s
Manoeuvrability: 0
Weapons: Huge x 1, Large x 2 Medium x 4
Internals: Class 8 x 2, Class 6 x 3, Class 5 x 2, Class 4, Class 3
Military: Class 5 x 2
Landing Pad Size: Large