Elite Dangerous – Diamondback Explorer

The Diamondback Scout is the best reasonable priced ship for long range exploration! It is cheaper than a similarly equipped Asp Explorer but has a slightly longer jump range!

It has one large and two medium weapon slots so it can also defend itself if need be.

It is however not suited as a trader due to limited internal compartments.

The Diamondback Scout is also great for planetary landings - the tall landing gear make it easy to approach the cargo bay from any angle without getting stuck!

Price: 1.635.691cr
Max range: 33,65 ly
Max cargo: 52 t
Speed: 240 m/s
Boost Speed: 315 m/s
Manoeuvrability: 4
Weapons: Large + 2 x Medium
Internals: 8 slots: 2 x Class 4 + 2 x Class 3 + 2 x Class 2 + 2 x Class 1
Utility: 4
Military: -
Fighter Bay: -
Landing Pad Size: Small

My Exploration Configuration

This configuration gives a max jump range of 39,69 ly - or a more realistic 36,49 with full fuel tanks.

The total cost of this configuration is 9.822.629 cr. 
Insurance rebuy price is 478.631cr.

All hardpoints and utility mounts are empty to save weight.

Core Internals

  • 1C Lightweight Alloys
  • 4D Powerplant
  • 4D Thrusters
  • 5A Frameshift Drive
  • 3D Life Support
  • 3D Power Distributor (Class 4 slot)
  • 3D Sensors
  • 5C Fuel tank

Optional Internals

  • 3D Shield Generator (Class 4 slot)
  • 3D Auto Field-Maintenance Unit *
  • 2G Planetary Vehicle Hangar *
  • 3A Fuel Scoop
  • 1C Detailed Surface Scanner
  • 1C Advanced Discovery Scanner

* The AFMU and vehicle hangar are optional - if you do not need those you can downgrade the powerplant to 3D to reduce weight further which will result in longer jump range.