Elite Dangerous – Diamondback Scout

The Diamondback Scout is build for one purpose only: Exploration. It is cheaper than the Asp but not as versatile as it have very limited cargo/internals.

It is faster than the Asp and handles well.

Price: 461.342 cr
Max range: 27,84 ly
Max cargo: 28 t
Speed: 280 m/s
Boost Speed: 380 m/s
Maneuverability: 5
Weapons: 2 x Medium + 2 x Small
Internals: 6 slots: 3 x Class 3 + Class 2 + 2 x Class 1
Utility: 4
Military: -
Fighter Bay: -
Landing Pad Size: Small

My Exploration Configuration

This configuration gives a max jump range of 29,55 ly - or 27,64 with full fuel tanks.

The total cost of this configuration is 4.749.453 cr
Insurance rebuy price is 237.473 cr

All hardpoints and utility mounts are empty to save weight.

Core Internals

  • 1C Lightweight Alloys
  • 3D Powerplant (Class 4 slot)
  • 4D Thrusters
  • 4A Frameshift Drive
  • 2D Life Support
  • 2D Power Distributor (Class 3 slot)
  • 2D Sensors
  • 4C Fuel tank

Optional Internals

  • 3D Shield Generator
  • 3D Auto Field-maintenance Unit (not required if you are careful)
  • 3A Fuel Scoop
  • 1C Advanced Discovery Scanner