Elite Dangerous – Fer-de-lance

The Fer-de-lance is a powerful combat ship. Despite its size it handles like a small fighter - it is very fast and agile and feels very much like a Vulture on steroids!

With one Class 4 and four Class 2 weapon mounts it can easily engage even bigger ships. Smaller fast fighters can prove more difficult to hit though.

Its main drawbacks are too few internal compartments, a small fuel tank and a limited jump range making it inefficient for long range. 

This is a great short-range combat ship for bounty hunters.

Price: 51.232.230 cr
Max range: 18,33 ly
Max cargo: 70 t
Speed: 260 m/s
Boost Speed: 350 m/s
Manoeuvrability: 4 (but feels like more)
Weapons: Class 4, Class 2 x 4
Internals: Class 5, Class 4 x 2, Class 2, Class 1
Military: -
Landing Pad Size: Medium