Elite Dangerous – Krait Phantom

The Krait Phantom is a decent multi-role ship and very good long-range exploration ship! It is currently my main exploration ship. If you are used to fly an Asp Explorer as your main ship, then the Krait Phantom is a very decent and affordable upgrade. For long range exploration  I prefer the Phantom as you can fit more modules (e.g. Repair Limpets) and in a similiar configuration the Phantom can actually outperform the Asp when it comes to jumprange! The Phantom is decent for core mining due to a nice cargo size for a ship of this price/size and good jump-range, speed and agility; however the Krait Mk II can carry more cargo so you might prefer that for mining.

I love the design of the Krait Phantom; when you reduce trust the front trusters will fire and it looks very cool as you can see the exhaust clearly from the cockpit. Also, when you look at it from the back the engines seem to be inspired by the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars 🙂

 Krait Phantom vs Krait Mk 2

Even though the Krait Phantom was released after the Krait Mk2 it is actually worse in almost all roles except exploration???

The Krait Mk 2 is a better utility ship as it can carry more cargo. It is also much better for combat; it can equip a fighter bay giving you an advantage in combat - furthermore it has stronger weapons and hull. Krait Mk 2 is better for all purposes except exploration.

The Krait Phantom is faster and has better jump range. It is a great ship for exploration but you will likely prefer the Mk 2 in all other roles!

 Krait Phantom vs Asp Explorer

If you like the Asp Explorer, then you will love the Krait Phantom: It is faster, can carry more cargo, has stronger weapons + a huge power distributor giving it the edge in combat. Even though the Asp Explorer has longer jump range with default configuration, the Phantom can actually get slightly better jump range than a comparable Asp Explorer in long range exploration configuration.

Price: 36.170.092 cr
Max range: 29.2 ly
Max cargo: 190 t
Speed: 256 m/s
Boost Speed: 358 m/s
Maneuverability: 3
Weapons: 2 Large + 2 Medium
Internals: 9 slots: Class 6 + 3 x Class 5 + 3 x Class 3 + Class 2 + Class 1
Utility: 4
Military: -
Fighter Bay: -
Landing Pad Size: Medium

Krait Phantom cruising over Kuwemaki A 3 A

Exploration configuration

The Krait Phantom is a great and versatile ship for exploration. This is my current configuration for long-range exploration:

Core Internal:

  • 1C Lightweight Alloy [Heavy Duty Armor ; Deep Plating]
  • 3A Powerplant [Overcharged Power Plant ; Stripped Down]
  • 6D Thrusters
  • 5A Frame Shift Drive [Increased FSD Range ; Mass Manager]
  • 4D Life Support [Lightweight]
  • 4A Power Distributor [Engine Focused Power Distributor ; Stripped Down]
  • 6D Sensors [Light Weight Scanner]


Optional Internal:

  • 6B Fuel Scoop
  • 5E Cargo Rack
  • 5H Guardian Frame Shift Drive
  • 4G Planetary Vehicle Hangar (2 SRV's)
  • 3D Shield Generator [Enhanced, Low Power ; Stripped Down]
  • 3C Fuel Tank
  • 1I Detailed Surface Scanner [Expanded Radius]
  • 1E Supercruise Assist
  • 1E Advanced Docking Computer


All Utility and Hardpoints are empty. With this configuration I currently have a max jump-range of 67,51 LY.

If you remove the cargo rack and extra fuel tank and replace the Planetary Vehicle Hanger with the smaller 2G (1 SRV) version you can increase the jump-range to 68,18 LY.