Elite Dangerous – Type-10 Defender

The Type-10 Defender is based on the Type-9 Heavy but with increased armour and more powerful weapons + an upgraded FSD.

It was developed as a highly armoured ship to defend against Thargoid attacks. 

It is a huge armoured transporter and as such it is very slow.

Type-9 Defender vs. Type-9 Heavy

Both can carry the same amount of cargo (532 t) and both have zero maneuverability.

The Type-10 Defender is faster, has better jump range (23,7 vs 20,2 ly), has a much stronger hull and much more firepower.  

Price: 120.420.094 cr
Max range: 23,7 ly
Max cargo: 532 t
Speed: 179 m/s
Boost Speed: 219 m/s
Manoeuvrability: 0
Weapons: 4x Large, 3x Medium, 2x Small
Internals: Class 8, Class 7, Class 6, Class 5, 2x Class 4, 2x Class 3, Class 2
Military: 2x Class 5
Landing Pad Size: Large