Elite Dangerous – Hauler

The Hauler is a nice upgrade from Sidewinder for trading. The max jump range is 32,48 ly compared to only 23,62 ly in a Sidewinder. The Hauler also has a cargo capacity of 22t which is 12t more than the Sidewinder. It is not as manoeuvrable as the Sidewinder and only has one Clas 1 weapon so it is more suited for cargo transport and exploration than combat.

The Hauler is a nice little ship for getting started on exploring the E:D universe with a good jump range cargo limit compared to its size and price. Taking the Hauler out on a nice long range exploration trip will earn you a lot of money for your next ship e.g. a Cobra Mk. III.

Should you buy an Adder or a Hauler?

No matter which ship you buy, you will probably want to sell it as soon as you can buy a Cobra Mk III, so it really isn't that important which one you buy now.

The Adder is more 67% more expensive than the Hauler but only carry 2t = 18% more cargo. The Adder is slightly faster (220 vs 200 m/s) than the Hauler. 

The jump range is similar but the Hauler is a little better for long jumps.

  • If you are a hardcore trader and want every extra ton of cargo space then buy the Adder
  • If you want better weapons and you can afford the extra money, you should buy the Adder.
  • If you plan to strip all weapons anyway to improve jump range you should consider buying the Hauler instead.


Price: 52.720 cr
Max range: 32,48 ly
Max cargo: 22 t
Speed: 200 m/s
Boost Speed: 300 m/s
Manoeuvrability: 4
Weapons: Class 1
Internals: Class 3 x 2, Class 2, Class 1
Military: -
Landing Pad Size: Small