Elite Dangerous – Python

The Python is a very versatile ship. It has a very good jumprange and can carry a lot of cargo. While its manoeuvrability isn't great it actually handles better than expected for a ship of this size.

It is great for long range passenger missions - it can carry more passengers than the Orca and has better jump range than both the Orca and Beluga Liner. The Python also have superior weapons so you don't need to worry about being interdicted when carrying wanted passengers.

As a trading ship it can carry almost the same amount of cargo as a Type 7 but it is faster, has better jump range and manoeuvrability (but also much more expensive).

It has decent weapons and has plenty of room for shield boosters etc. but there are better ships for combat. 

For long range missions I recommend using one of the internal compartments for an extra fuel tank as the built in fuel tank is too small for my liking.

Price: 56,978,179cr
Max range: 24.54 ly
Max cargo: 292 t
Speed: 250 m/s
Boost Speed: 280 m/s
Maneuverability: 2
Weapons: 3 Large + 2 Medium
Internals: 10 slots: 3 x Class 6 + 2 x Class 5 +  Class 4 + 2 x Class 3 + Class 2 + Class 1
Utility: 4
Military: -
Fighter Bay: -
Landing Pad Size: Medium

Python fuel scooping at LTT 4428

Bulk Passenger Transport

Currently my Python is configured for Bulk Passenger Transports e.g. "XX Rebels seeking transport", "XX Tourists seeking transport" etc. For those kind of missions the passengers do not require separate cabins so you can maximize profit by having almost all your seats in use for a trip. My current configuration has 136 Economy passenger seats which means I can take several missions to the same system for bigger rewards. 

For some of these missions your ship will be interdicted but the Python has the weapons to quickly deal with these ships. Until now I have only been attacked by smaller ships like Adder, Viper etc. so I have only mounted a small shield and use the space for more passengers - with more dangerous attackers you may need to mount a bigger shield.

As I mainly do short trips between known systems I do not carry a discovery scanner nor a fuel scoop. Instead I have mounted a docking computer but you could use that slot for more passengers if you prefer.


  • 3E Burst Laser
  • 3E Burst Laser
  • 3E Burst Laser
  • 2F Multi-Cannon
  • 2F Multi-Cannon

Utility Mounts

  • 0I Point Defence
  • 0I Chaff Launcher

Core Internal

  • 1C Lightweight Alloy
  • 5A Power Plant
  • 6D Thrusters
  • 5A Frame Shift Drive
  • 4D Life Support
  • 7D Power Distributor
  • 6D Sensors
  • 5C Fuel Tank

Optional Internal

  • 3 x 6E Economy Class Passenger Cabin
  • 2 x 5E Economy Class Passenger Cabin
  • 4E Economy Class Passenger Cabin
  • 3E Cargo Rack
  • 3A Shield Generator
  • 1E Standard Docking Computer