Elite Dangerous – Federal Assault Ship

The Federal Assault Ship is a very nice and affordable combat ship. It has one large weapon above the cockpit and one below + two medium weapons below; all weapons are nicely placed for using fixed weapons. With gimballed weapons in the two medium slots I noticed they didn't fire as much as I wanted them too because I couldn't turn as fast as some of the small fighters and your own ship will then block them from tracking.

The Federal Assault Ship handles well - it is much more agile than the Federal Dropship or Federal Gunship. The hull and shield is similar to the Dropship; the Gunship have more hull and shield strength. The jump range is slightly better than the Dropship and Gunship but all three have poor jumprange so I would suggest finding a nice conflict zone and stay there instead of taking these for a long journey.

The Class 6 power distributor is not able to sustain high power weapons for long time, i.e. beam lasers, plasma accelerators and railguns will quickly drain the energy.

It is a fun ship to take to a combat zone and it is able to do some damage and take a few punches itself. However, I prefer the Fer-de-Lance or Imperial Clipper for combat.

Federation rank requirement: Chief Petty Officer or higher.

Price: 19.814.211 cr
Max range: 21,38 ly
Max cargo: 96 t
Speed: 215 m/s
Boost Speed: 358 m/s
Maneuverability: 4
Weapons: 2  Large + 2 Medium
Internals: 2 x Class 5 + Class 4 + Class 3 + 2 x Class 2 + Class 1
Utility: 4
Military: 2 x Class 4
Fighter Bay: -
Landing Pad Size: Medium

Federal Dropship vs Federal Assault Ship vs Federal Gunship

The Dropshop is the cheapest ship and also has the weakest weapons; it can mount 1 Large and 4 Medium weapons so it certainly is powerful, but the bad maneuverability make it weak in combat. I do not recommend it for combat but you could use it as an armoured cargo or passenger ship or as a mining ship. It is the fastest of these three ships, so it will do fine for cargo runs; it can carry 164 t, which is almost the same as the Gunship, that costs more than twice as much as the Dropship.

The Assault Ship has slightly better jumprange than the other two and it has way better maneuverability but not as agile as a Vulture. With 2 Large and 2 Medium weapons it is a powerful yet agile combat ship. It has the lowest cargo capacity (96 t).

The Gunship has more firepower; it can mount 1 Large, 4 Medium and 2 Small weapons. It also has 3 Class 4 Military slots - the other ships only have 2. It can carry 168 t cargo so it can also be used as a small cargo or passenger transport with powerful weapons. Or as mining ship. The maneuverability is worse than the Dropship but the extra weapons, extra military compartment and stronger shield and hull make it survive longer in combat.