Elite Dangerous – Beluga Liner

My Beluga Liner parked near the ice geysers on Vamm B 2 A

The Beluga Larger is the largest and most expensive passenger transport and one of only three ships able to mount the Luxury Suite cabins required by VIP passengers (the other two ships being the smaller Dolphin and Orca). It is a huge ship with a mass of 1.100t, which is the same as the Imperial Cutter and only surpassed by the Type-10 Defender with a mass of 1.200t; however it actually handles well and is easy to dock at space stations compared to Anaconda.

The jump range is OK but not great but it has a big fuel tank so you do not need to refuel often.

Notice: Many of the internal compartments are reserved and can only be used for e.g. passenger cabins or cargo racks so this ship is not as versatile as e.g. a Python.

With 5 Medium (Class 2) weapon slots it is able to defend itself - however the slow speed and turning rate make it necessary to use turrets or gimbal only.

Price: 81.595.261 cr
Max range: 24,36 ly
Max cargo: 368 t
Speed: 197 m/s
Boost Speed: 275 m/s
Manoeuvrability: 2
Weapons: Class 2 x 5
Internals: Class 6 x 4, Class 5 x 2, Class 4, Class 3 x 4
Military: -
Landing Pad Size: Large


Notice: Two Class 6 and two Class 5 slots are reserved for passenger cabins.