Elite Dangerous – Keelback

The Keelback is an armed cargo vessel. If you are often attacked by pirates while doing mining or cargo runs the Keelback may be a better choice than a Type 6 as it has stronger hull and shield and better weapons. It require medium landing pad and can land on outposts. The Keelback has 2 x Class 2 + 2 x Class 1 weapons so it should be able to defend itself but the slow speed and bad turning speed make it vulnerable.

Keelback vs. Type 6

The Type 6 is a little faster, has better turning, more cargo space (112t vs 96t) and better jump range so if pirates are not a problem you can save 2 million credits and buy a Type 6 instead of a Keelback and actually get a more versatile ship for less money. The Type 6 only have 2 x Class 1 weapons.

Keelback vs. Asp Explorer

I have used the Keelback for mining because it is able to defend itself against pirates but after some testing I decided to go back and use my Asp Explorer for mining instead. The Asp is more expensive but it is also a much better ship than the Keelback. It is faster, more agile, has better weapons and better jumprange while also having more firepower. 

If you can not afford an Asp Explorer and think you need some better weapons against pirates than a Type 6 offers, then the Keelback is an obvious choice - otherwise save some more money and buy an Asp Explorer instead - you won't regret it!

Price: 3.048.000 cr
Max range: 26,62 ly
Max cargo: 96 t
Speed: 200 m/s
Boost Speed: 300 m/s
Manoeuvrability: 2
Weapons: Class 2 x 2, Class 1 x 2
Internals: Class 5 x 2, Class 4, Class 3, Class 2 x 2
Military: -
Landing Pad Size: Medium

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