Material Trader

If you only need a few materials you might consider using a Material Trader, where you can trade some of your materials for those  you need. Notice that you have to trade in much more materials than you get unless you trade from a higher grade / rarity material to a lower but if you have plenty of an easy-to-farm material the Material Trader might actually be your fastest and easiest way to get some of the more rare materials.

Notice that each material trader specializes in either Raw Materials, Manufactured Materials or Encoded Data so make sure to visit the correct type of Material Trader! You can use INARA to search for the nearest Material Trader based on your current location – or if you are located near Shinrarta Dezra you can simply visit these traders:

Material TypeSystemStation
RawFong WangSchacner Dock
ManufacturedHeveriWiberg Hub
EncodedLFT 926Meredith City

Some rare materials, e.g. Proto Heat Radiators, are easy to farm from Unknown Signal Source (USS) of type HIGH GRADE EMISSONS. Sadly these are very rare and can be difficult to find but if you know where to look, it is not that difficult at all. You can then trade these for other materials you might be needing at a material trader. Usually 3-5 materials spawn each time and each contain 3

Open your Galaxy Map and set the filter to one of these STATE’s:  

  • BOOM : Proto Heat Radiators

Now select CIVIL UNREST and deselect all other filters. Look for a nearby system with CIVIL UNREST and there is a very good chance that you will find a HIGH GRADE EMISSIONS signal source there – especially if it is a system with a large population.

You can also find them in high population Federation controlled systems with state NONE. 

Jump to the system and fly to the NAV BEACON; exit supercruise, target the NAVIGATION BEACON and wait for it to scan (if nothing happens you have not targeted the actual beacon!).

Next go back to supercruise and look for a HIGH GRADE EMISSIONS signal source. Set course, exit supercruise and collect all the rare materials.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to notice if you are playing in OPEN / SOLO / PRIVATE GROUP!

As soon as you have collected all the rare materials, you should exit Elite Dangerous – you need to exit to desktop, this does not work if you only exit to the main menu!

Now restart Elite Dangerous and log in to the same gametype as before: OPEN / SOLO / PRIVATE. When you get back, go to supercruise but pull the throttle to zero as soon as the FSD drive starts up; now make a 180° turn and target the USS that spawned at exactly the same place – this is the same HIGH GRADE EMISSIONS signal source so go in, loot again, exit the game again. Repeat.

Notice that all signal sources have a timer; once that expires the USS will disappear so you need to be as fast as possible when you exit and restart ELITE and be careful not to fly away from your starting point but simply turn around in order to save time and thus be able to loot it several times before it disappears.

Jamesons Crash Site

Jamesons Crash Site is a great place to farm Encoded data:

  • Adaptive Encryptors Capture (G5)
  • Atypical Encryption Archives (G4)
  • Cracked Industrial Firmware (G3)
  • Modified Consumer Firmware (G2)

Location: HIP 12099 1 B -54.3691 , -50.3610

The first time you get here you need to locate the crash site manually using the coordinates – next time you can simply select JAMESON CRASH SITE from you Navigation screen.

Place your SRV right behind the crashed Cobra. From this location you can use your turret to scan all four Comms Control without moving.

When you have finished scanning exit to the main menu and switch between Open / Private Group / Solo to reset the Comms Control. 

After you have maxed out your encoded data head out to Ray Gateway in the Diaguandri system, where you will find a material trader – trade all your Atyppical Encryption Archives and Adaptive Encryptors Capture for the material you need and head back to the crash site. Rinse and repeat.


These settlements contain 1-2 Data Points and some rare engineer materials. You need to land on the planet and use the SRV to pickup the materials (remember to open the cargo scoop!) and scan datapoints. There will also be Settlement Comms Uplink points which you can scan to get some story about why the location was abandoned.

Hint: You can log out and switch between Open/Private Group/Solo as many times as you want to respawn the materials and reset the Data Point(s).

Known locations:

  • 12 Trianguli – A 1 : Taylor Keep.
  • Aldhibah – 1 a : Lookout Military Test Facility.
  • Alnath – A 2 a a : Klatt Enterprises.
  • Alshat – A 6 b : Clark’s Rest. Uplink + materials. Also a nearby abandoned SRV @28.1916, -29.99 and a crashed Anaconda.
  • Col 285 Sector BG-O d6-93 – AB 1 d : Communication Array Delta 69.
  • Col 285 Sector EP-C b27-3 – A 2 : Unlisted Wreckage Site.
  • Col 285 Sector FL-X b17-3 – A 2 a : Medical Research Base MIR-14.
  • Col 285 Sector OZ-N c7-13 – BC 3 a : Exploration Camp JSPR-003.
  • Col 285 Sector UZ-O c6-9 – B 6 : Orion’s Folly.
  • Col 285 Sector ZT-I b25-0 – 2 A : Planet Dave Outpost.
  • Col 285 Sector YF-M c8-8 – 10 b : Jackson Enterprise.
  • Col 359 Sector RN-S c4-12 – A 1 : Medical Research Base BJI-86.
  • Col 359 Sector RY-H d10-58 – B 3 a : Exploration Camp JSPR-003 (2).
  • Conn A 3 a : Ameida Landing. 2 Data Points + materials.
  • Eafots EU-R c4-1 – C 2 : Formidine Rift Alpha Site.
  • Eafots GL-Y e2 – 6Formidine Rift Delta Site.
  • Eafots LZ-H b10-0 – D 1Formidine Rift Beta Site.
  • Eafots RA-G B11-0 – 3  : Formidine Rift Gamma Site.
  • Etain – 4 a : The Sanctum.
  • Etain – 4 c : The Prophet.
  • Hermitage – 4 a : Hollis Gateway.
  • HIP 7158 A 2 b : Hogan Depot.
  • HIP 12099 – 1 a : Stack.
  • HIP 15329 – A 3 c : Stuart Retreat.
  • HIP 16824 A 2 f : Carmichael Point.  1 Datapoint + materials.
  • HIP 59382 – 1 b : Mayes Chemical Plant.
  • HIP 83237 – 3 b : Site 16.
  • HR 2551 – 2 d : Dixon Dock.
  • HR 5906 – AB 2 a : Unregistered Derelict.
  • HR 5991 – 1 b : Research Facility 5592.
  • HR 6890 – A 1 : Transmitter VJS-81.
  • Hyades Sector DR-V c2-23 – A 5 : DAV’s Hope. 6 Settlement Comms Log Uplink + 1 Data Point + materials.
  • Koli Discii – C 6  1 : Gregorys Rest.
  • LP 389-95 – 7 : Velasquez Medical Research Centre.
  • Plaa Aec IZ-N c20-1 – A : Hawkins Gap Alpha Site.
  • Plaa Aec TT-B b41-3 – B 1 : Hawkins Gap Gamma Site.
  • Plaa Aec XZ-Z b41-0 – A1 : Hawkins Gap Delta Site.
  • Plaa Aec XZ-Z b41-0 – 2 : Hawkins Gap Beta Site.
  • Pru Aescs HW-S b31-2 – A : Conflux Beta Site.
  • Pru Aescs NC-M d7-192 – A : Conflux Delta Site.
  • Pru Aescs OI-K a64-0 – 1 : Conflux Gamma Site.
  • Pru Aescs TY-J a64-1 – 1 : Conflux Alpha Site.
  • Synuefai FV-U b20-0 – 2 a : Extraction Site V-81.
  • Synuefe JB-G b58-6 – 6 h : Exploration Camp C-NO4.
  • Synuefe QA-U d4-27 – A 1 : Pirate Cache. Uplink + Datapoint
  • Wredguia JC-K c22-8 – 6 a : Colony SNB-86. 5 uplinks + 1 data point + materials.
  • Wregoe JI-B d13-130 – 1 : Site 426.
  • Wregoe VK-E c12-0 – B 1 a : Columbus Expedition Camp 14.

On several locations you can find a crashed ship – or a damaged ship in orbit around the planet. Use your surface scanner to locate the exact position of the crash, then land nearby and use the SRV to pick up stuff from the crash site. By shooting cargo racks some materials will appear for your pickup. Often you can also scan a Ship Data Core, datapoint or uplink at the ship itself or a nearby SRV or abandoned site. In some cases there are also nearby escape pods.

When you have collected everything, simply log out and switch between OPEN PLAY / SOLO PLAY / PRIVATE GROUP – this will reset the datapoints and cargoracks  on the crash site so you can collect it all again.
Repeat until you have all the materials/data you need.

Known locations:

  • 34 Virginis – 5 A : Abandoned SRV @18.6834, -40.4150.
  • 44 k Virginis – B 7 e : Abandoned SRV @8.8974, -103.5549.
  • Alshat – A 6 b : Derelict Anaconda – Expedition Vessel Odysseus.
  • Belu – B 1 : Crashed Anaconda.
  • Col 285 Sector OP-L b9-0 –  A 1 : Materials + damaged Escape Pod
  • Colonia – 5 e a : Crashed Type 9. Nothing of value here.
  • HIP 12099 – 1 b : CMDR John Jameson crashed Cobra Mk III @ -54.3803 ,  -50.3575.
  • HIP 16378 – 3 b : Crashed Diamondback Explorer.
  • HIP 16613 – 1 a : Crashed Anaconda with cargo racks. Also an abandoned SRV at bearing 270º from the Anaconda with occupied escape pod nearby.
  • HIP 17403 – A 4 AChrashed Thargoid Ship with Sensor Fragments – shoot Thargoid Sensor‘s with your SRV and loot the fragments.
  • HIP 17746 – 3 c: Crashed Diamondback Explorer with datapoint
  • HIP 17692 – A 3 : Damaged Alcatraz Class Prison Ship in orbit . Materials + cargo scattered nearby.
  • HIP 32001 – 3 a : Crashed Type-9.
  • HIP 83003 – 6 a: Crashed Anaconda.
  • Koli Discii – C 6 a : Crashed Anaconda. Extra datapoint 2km away at bearing 250º in abandoned settlement Gregorys Rest.
  • Leucos – A 5 a : Crashed Anaconda
  • Orrere – 2 b: Crashed Anaconda. Also some geological sites nearby where you can get materials from!
  • Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5 – 1 a : Damaged Thomas Class Bulk Cargo Ship in orbit.
  • Thoth – 1 a  : Transport Lakon Baker Gamma Sierra Heavy.