If you are new to Elite Dangerous, it can take some time to unlock Engineers and collect all the materials needed to upgrade your ship. If you have a medium ship with a class 5 FSD you can instead buy a pre-engineered FSD from a human tech-brooker.

Not only is it much easier/faster to farm materials to unlock/but the Engineered FSD V1 – it also has better stats than a standard FSD with max engineering sot it is really a win-win.

Hint: Even though it comes pre-engineered with Increased FSD Range, you can still apply an experimental effect. With Mass Manager experimental effect I now have +76,8% Optimized Mass compared to about 55-61% on my engineered FSD’s.

To buy this module you will need the following materials:

  • 18 Datamined Wake Exceptions
  • 26 Tellurium
  • 26 Electrochemical Arrays
  • 28 Chemical Processors

If you already have these materials, then simply go to the nearest human tech brooker and buy the FSD. After you buy the FSD, remember to go to outfitting and equip it from your stored modules.

Notice:  If you need a FSD for another ship, you will have to farm the materials again and buy another FSD – this is not an normal “unlock”, you need to buy each FSD from a tech broker.

Where to farm the materials​

Electrochemical Arrays & Chemical Processors

Electrochemical Arrays and Chemical Processors can easily be farmed at Dav’s Hope:

Dav’s Hope:
System: Hyades Sector DR-V c2-23
Planet: A 5

You need to land on the planet at the abandoned settlement Dav’s Hope and use your SRV to drive around and collect all the materials – also scan the data point. 

After you have collected all the materials simply log out and switch between Solo/Open/Group which will respawn materials. Rinse and repeat. 


Tellurium can also be farmed from a planet using your SRV – in this case use the EDDB tool to locate the nearest planet with a high Terrurium procentage. Drive around and look for Needle Crystals – shoot them with your SRV and pick up the materials.

If you are at Dav’s Hope I suggest you go to Hyades Sector CB-X d1-113  and land on the moon 1 b a.

Datamined Wake Exceptions

In order to farm Datamined Wake Exceptions you must equip your ship with a Wake Scanner. I recommend you use a fast ship e.g. Viper Mk III, Imperial Courier or Imperial Clipper as you will be flying around chasing wakes in all directions…

Then go to a location where many ships jump out of the system (High Wake) e.g. at a busy station or at a distribution center. Keep scanning all the wakes until you have enough Datamined Wake Exceptions.

Distribution centers spawn randomly at famine systems – search for famine systems with a population > 5 million.

Where to buy the Engineered FSD V1

Use the Inara – Search Nearest tool to locate the nearest station with a human tech broker.

If you have ELITE status and use Jameson Memorial as your home base, the nearest human tech broker is  @Rozhdestvensky station in the LP 847-48 system.

When you have landed at the station simply click the CONTACTS menu, then click on the TECHNOLOGY BROKER. Select the Engineered FSD V1 (Class 5) from the list of Unlockable Items – next go to the OUTFITTING menu where you can find your new FSD in the STORED MODULES.

Which ships can use this FSD

The following ships has a class 5 FSD and can equip the Engineered FSD V1:

  • Alliance Challenger
  • Alliance Chieftain
  • Alliance Crusader
  • Asp Explorer
  • Diamondback Explorer
  • Federal Assault Ship
  • Federal Dropship
  • Federal Gunship
  • Imperial Clipper
  • Krait Mk II
  • Krait Phantom
  • Orca
  • Python
  • Type-7