E:D – My Rare Trading Route

This trading route will net you about 2.500.000 Credits for a round trip. Each trip takes about 1-2 hours depending on your jump range and how long you have to wait for rare commodities to respawn.

I used a Type 6 transporter with A4 Frame Shift Drive and 96 cargo slots. Max jump range is 28,3LY with empty cargo but full fuel. Other ships/configuration may result in more or less profit or time for a round trip.

The trading route is divided into two zones with a fair distance between - they are marked with green and red below.

  • Fly to Zaonce and work your way through the green zone buying all the listed rare commodities listed in the green zone.
  • Fly to Witchhaul in the red zone - sell your cargo.
  • Buy all the rare commodities in the red zone.
  • Fly back to Zaonce in the green zone - sell your cargo.
  • Repeat. 
System Site Buy Max Supply
Zaonce Ridley Scott Leathery Eggs 1
Lave Lave Station Lavian Brandy 7
Leesti George Lucas Leestian Evil Juice
Azure Milk
Uszaa Guest Installation Uszaian Tree Grup 14
Orrere Sharon Lee Free Market Orrerian Visious Brew 16
Diso Shifnalport Diso Ma Corn 15
Witchhaul Hornby Terminal Witchhaul Kobe Beef 9
Xihe Zhen Dock Xihe Biomorphic companions 10
Fujin Futen Spaceport Fujin Tea 10
39 Tauri Porta Tauri Chimes 17
George Pantazis Zamka Platform Pantaa Prayer Sticks 17
Zeessze Nicollier Hanger Zeessze Ant Grub Glue 18
Altair Solo Orbiter Altairian Skin 14
Epsilon Indi Mansfield Orbiter Indi Bourbon 11