Elite Dangerous – Federal Dropship

Federal Dropship preparing to take of from a Coriolis station.

The Federal Dropship proved to be a disappointment to me. It is a combat ship with good weapons and decent cargo capability so I thought this would be great for those cargo or passenger missions where there is risk of being interdicted. 

But the steering is really annoying! When trying to enter or exit a space station, the ship seems to overshoot so you have to adjust your steering a lot! The Python only score 2 in manoeuvrability but I think it actually handles better than the Federal Driftship!

The jump range is limited and the steering is kind of annoying - maybe some engineering updates can improve on this?

The Federal Dropship has good weapons and good component protection and can take some serious beating. With one Class 3 and four Class 4 weapons + two Class 4 Military slots this should be a nice combat ship for the price - but due to the bad manoeuvrability it can be hard to hit fast moving targets. So it is actually not that great for combat. 

My advice: Don't buy the Federal Dropship - save your credits for something better!

Price: 14.313.210 cr
Max range: 18,22 ly
Max cargo: 164 t
Speed: 250 m/s
Boost Speed: 350 m/s
Manoeuvrability: 3  ← This is a lie! It feels more like 1!
Weapons: Class 3, Class 2 x 4
Internals: Class 6, Class 5 x 2, Class 4, Class 3 x 2, Class 2
Military: Class 4 x 2
Landing Pad Size: Medium

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