Elite Dangerous – Materials

Where to get materials

  • Arsenic : Collected on planet surfaces
  • Cadmium : Collected on planet surfaces e.g. Shinrarta Dezhra AB 2 F A
  • Chemical Destillery :  USS "Aftermath of combat" in shipping lanes
  • Chemical Manipulators :  USS in high security systems
  • Conductive Polymers : USS "Aftermath of combat" in anarchy systems
  • Cracked Industrial Firmware : Salvaged from USS + scanned from settlement data point
  • Datamined Wake Exceptions : Scan "High Energy FSD Wake" with wake scanner
  • Eccentric Hyperspace Trajectories : Scan "High Energy FSD Wake" with wake scanner
  • Exquisite Focus Crystals : Mission reward
  • Heat Vanes : Salvage from USS in anarchy systems - e.g. Combat Aftermath
  • Hybrid Capacitors : Salvage from USS
  • Irregular Emission Data : Mission reward + salvage from USS
  • Manganese : Collected on planet surfaces - Found lots of Manganese on Algol  A 4 in Algol system. There is also an USS with Earth Relics in this system.
  • Modified Embedded Firmware : Scan datapoints in Medium Security +++ settlements
  • Proto Heat Radiators : Salvage from USS in systems with economic boom
  • Selenium : Collected on planet surfaces (e.g. Shinrarta Dezhra AB 2 F A) + asteroid mining.
  • Unexpected Emission Data : Scan combat vessels + salvage from USS
  • Zirconium : Collected on planet surfaces + asteroid mining.

DAV's Hope


  • Ship with decent jump range
  • Planetary Vehicle Hangar + SRV

Jump to Hyades Sector DR-V c2-23 and find planet A5 - land at coordinates 44.818 ,  -31.389

You will find an abandoned settlement called DAV's Hope with a single Data Point and several materials scattered around. You can switch between Open/Private Group/Solo as many times as you want to respawn the materials and reset the Data Point. 


Anaconda crash site

In the Orrere system fly to planet ORRERE 2 B and enter orbital cruise.

Fly to the Anaconda crash site at coordinate 43,85 -175,98

Land and use SRV to locate the CARGO RACK's - there should be two.
Shoot the cargo rack and collect the rare materials.

Log out and switch between OPEN PLAY and SOLO PLAY - this will result in the cargo racks respawning.
Repeat until you have all the materials you need.