Elite Dangerous – Ship Reviews

Click the links below to read my opinion about the ships I have tested - still a few more ships to go...

Ship Price Range Cargo Size* Comment
Sidewinder 32.000 23.62 10 S Your starter ship (Multipurpose)
Eagle Mk. II 44.800 23.91 14 S Light fighter - fast and agile, and affordable.
Hauler 52.720 32.48 22 S Freighter - nice upgrade from Sidewinder for trading. Great for exploration until you can afford a Diamondback
Adder 87.808 27.79 26 S Multipurpose - nice upgrade from Sidewinder for trading or exploration. Better for combat / self protection than Sidewinder or Hauler
Imperial Eagle 110.831 23.55 16 S Light fighter. Faster and better weapons compared to Eagle Mk. II but less agile.
Viper Mk. III 142.931 19.78 22 S Medium fighter. The fastest ship but not as agile as the Eagle Mk. II
Cobra Mk. III 379.718 26.32 60 S This is the probably the best multipurpose ship until you can afford an Asp! 🙂
Viper Mk. IV 426.990 25.29 50 S Medium fighter with good shields and more cargo than Viper Mk III but less agile
Diamondback Scout 426.990 27,84 28 S Exploration
Cobra Mk. IV 745.610 23.16 88 S  Multipurpose. One extra Class 1 weapon and 28t more cargo  than Cobra Mk III but less jump range, speed and agility.
Type-6 1.045.945 30.32 112 M Medium size transporter with good jump range
Dolphin 1.290.861 31.30 84 S Small luxury passenger ship with good jump range.
Diamondback Explorer 1.635.691 33,65 52 S Great ship for planetary landings and long range exploration 🙂
Imperial Courier 2.479.400 26.83 30 S Beautiful little ship but I recommend save some more money and buy a Vulture instead
Keelback 3.048.000 26.62 96 M Combat freighter - good for trading or mining
Asp Scout 3.862.130 29.85 44 S Nice ship but there are better options
Vulture 4.925.615 21.13 40 S Heavy fighter, very powerful, lot of fun! 🙂
 6,661,153 33.84 128 M Very good multipurpose ship - very versatile.
14,313,210 18.22 164 M Handles surprisingly worse than expected!
Type-7 17.472.252 25.03 304 L  Great ship for traders - nice handling and plenty of cargo space
Alliance Chieftain 19.382.252 24,39 88 M Nice combat ship, especially for fixed weapons. Powerplant a little to small on BETA though
Federal Assault Ship 19.814.211 21.38 96 M  Nice combat ship, especially for fixed weapons
Imperial Clipper 22.295.860 24.63 284 L Fast and agile multipurpose ship that can defend it self
Federal Gunship 35.814.210 17.70 168 M Slow combat ship with low jump range but plenty of firepower and defensive options.
Orca 48.539.887 18.01 192 L Beautiful ship that handles well. Very nice for short range bulk passenger or transport missions.
Fer-de-lance 51.232.230 18.33 70 M Powerful combat ship - like a Vulture on stereoids! 🙂
Python 56,978,179 24.54 292 M Very versatile and powerful ship!
Type-9 Heavy 76.555.842 17.64 532 L Huge cargo capacity but low jump range
Beluga Liner 81.595.261 24,36 368 L Great ship for long range passenger (or cargo) transports
Type-10 Defender 120.420.094 23,7 532 L Based on the Type-9 Heavy but highly armoured and improved FSD.
Anaconda 146.969.451 31.18 468 L Big and powerful - but a nightmare to dock!
Federal Corvette 180.327.022 18.99 624 L  The most powerful combat ship!
Imperial Cutter 203.745.220 23,96 792 L  Big and beautiful but it is vulnerable in combat due to low maneuverability


*Ships of size Small and Medium can land on outposts; Large ships can only land at space stations (and planets).

Multipurpose ships can be used for exploration, transport, passengers, mining and also some fighting. But be careful - they are not true combat ships.

Discounts on ships and outfitting

  • 15% discount on ships and outfitting in all systems controlled by Li Yong-Rui (you don't need to pledge to get the discount)
  • Asp Explorer and Orca sold with 20% discount at Irkutsk station in Alioth star system (require permit)
  • 10% discount on all ships and equipment at Jameson Memorial (all ships and equipment for sale at this station!) in the Shinrarta Dezhra system. This require a Founders World permit (you must have Elite rank or be a Kickstarter backer to get this permit).