Warframe – Eidolon Hunt Guide

This article contains spoilers - if you have not yet completed THE SECOND DREAM and THE WAR WITHIN quests do NOT continue reading

Hunting the bosses on Plains of Eidolon is both fun and rewarding - but also challenging at first. The bosses drops Arcanes, that will add extra power to your warframes, Sentient Cores that can be traded for rank with The Quills in Cetus and Eidolon Shards that can be converted to large amount of Focus.

Notice that the bosses on Plains of Eidolon have a shield that can not be damaged by your usual weapons; you must finish the quests The Second Dream and The War Within to gain access to your operator abilities. You should also do the quest Saya's Vigil as this will introduce you to The Quills, where you can buy blueprints for Amps and Arcanes, which make the fights much faster and easier.


Until you learn the fight I recommend you bring Rhino (Prime) as his Iron Skin will help you survive some of the damage and his Roar ability gives a DPS buf to nearby allies. Mod for strength and range.

Volt is very good at dealing damage to the Eidolon bosses as his Electric Shield will give you a damage boost and a very large critical damage boost. Notice: Both the Amp and regular weapons get a damage buff by shooting through Volts shields  - allies should also use the shields to boost damage! Mod for duration and efficiency.

Chroma is the best damage dealer and can basicly one-shot the limbs of the Teralyst; this however require that you first do selv damage with e.g. a Cerata or any other weapon that ignores shield to get a nice DPS boost from your Vex Armor ability.. Mod for strength and duration.

Trinity is great at keeping the Eidolon Lures alive during the fight using the Bless ability. Mod for 150% strength, then focus on duration and efficiency; Range is not important.

Oberon can use his Renewal ability to keep the Lures alive and use Hallowed Ground to make allies immune to status effects. The Phoenix Renewal and Smite Infusion augment mods are recommended.

Harrow use his Covenant ability to protect allies from the AoE damage after the boss looses a limb. Mod for 95-100% Duration, then focus on Strenght + Efficiency.


Weapons and Gear

You should equip a powerful sniper rifle e.g. Lanka or Rubico Prime. Remember to zoom as this will increase your damage. Vectis Prime and Vulkar Wraith are also good options. You should mod for radiation damage.

In case you get killed during the fight you should equip a powerful secondary so you can still contribute; the Euphona Prime is a very good secondary for this. Mod for Crit damage and Crit chance.

Notice: In public groups with low DPS you may run out of ammo during the fight - equip Squad Ammo Restore on your gear wheel just in case...

I also recommend you bring some Squad Energy Restore as the magnetic damage from the bosses can quickly drain your energy if you are not careful. You can buy a blueprint for a medium restore at your clan Dojo's Energy Lab or buy a blueprint for a large restore from the syndicates Arbiters of Hexis or The Perrin Sequence.)


After you have completed The Second Dream you will gain access to the Focus tree, where I recommend you prioritize the following

  2. MADURAI : Max out VOID STRIKE first as this will increase your DPS when leaving Void Mode (and you will be using Void Mode alot to avoid AOE damage from the Eidolon bosses).



Amps are grouped into Tiers; the first four tiers can be bought from The Quills in Cetus, the other can be bought from Little Duck in Fortuna:

These Amps are recommended for the Eidolon Hunts:

  • 227 = Shwaak Prism +  Shraksun Scaffold + Certus Brace : Better crit chance than 223 but require you also grind rep in Fortuna for the Certus Brace.
  • 223 = Shwaak Prism +  Shraksun Scaffold + Lohrin Brace : This is great if you have all the proper focus talents.
  • 333 = Granmu Prism + Klebrik Scaffold + Lohrin Brace : This is a good alternative if your focus points are not yet optimized.

With the Shraksun Scaffold use secondary fire (middle mouse button) to take down shield of Eidolon bosses.


On your Warframe: Equip a rank 2 Arcane Nullifier +  a rank 1 Arcane Nullifier for a 96% reduction of magnetic damage.  These drops from the Eidolon bosses and can be upgraded as you collect more of the same type.

On your operator: Magus Vigor (extra health) + Magus Husk (extra armor). Blueprints are sold by The Quills in Cetus (requires you have a rank of Observer or higher).

On your Amp: Equip Virtous Fury. This arcane has a chance of increased damage after a status effect; it synergies well with the Shraksun Scaffold and Shwaak Prism (22x Amps) as these has a guaranteed Impact proc for each hit. Blueprint is sold by The Quills in Cetus (requires you have a rank of Adherent or higher).

Eidolon Lures

Before starting the fight you should pick up some Eidolon Lures and charge it by either:

  • shoot a Vomvalyst so it looses its shield, the lure will then absorb the energy
  • kill a Vomvalyst and loot the energy orb they drop, then pass it to the lure

A lure requires 3 Vomvalysts to be charged. For the Teralyst boss you need at least 2 charged Eidolon Lures to capture the boss - the larger bosses require 3 charged lures. However, bring some extra lures in case some get destroyed during the fight!



The first boss is called Teralyst. The boss has several special abilities including firing missiles and making a shockwave that will knock you back, but all his abilities are signaled before and can easily be avoided by a well timed jump or by entering Void mode.

  • Enter Void mode to avoid missiles and spikes (press Ctrl while in operator).
  • If your operator is killed by AoE damage, quickly roll to reduce damage and reenter operator.
  • Jump over shockwave to avoid knockback or use Void Dash to quickly get back.
  • When he looses a limp, he will bleed -don't stand in his blood!


The second boss is summoned by inserting the Brilliant Eidolon Shard you looted from the Teralyst into the altar on the large stone in the middle of the large lake near the entrance to Cetus. He will then spawn from the lake nearby. Notice he has to extra limbs at his shoulders so six limbs in total must be shot of before you can kill him.

  • He has the same abilities as the Teralyst but will also make some orbs that do AoE damage - avoid by moving or enter Void mode.
  • When he makes a large spere, make sure you are inside the sphere
  • His knock-back will come in several waves, jump to avoid
  • His worst ability is some large pillars of light; these can not be avoided by entering Void mode, so move to avoid being hit! If you are pulled from operator, quickly roll with your warframe to reduce damage and then enter operator again.


The final boss is summoned by inserting the Radiant Eidolon Shard you looted from the Gauntalyst  into the altar on the large stone in the lake. He have the same abilities as the other two but add a few more that you need to look out for:

  • Ground Stomp not only generate a knockback wave, but also create several geysers with acid water - shot at the green energy bobbles with your Amp to avoid acid rain.
  • Ground Smash also results in green bubles, that slowly grow in size and eventually detonate with a massive AoE - shot with your Amp.
  • Summoning Scream links nearby Vomvalysts and turn them into a red glowing variant that deal a lot of damage; these should be killed as soon as you see them.
  • Regenerating Scream also links nearby Vomvalysts this time resulting in a major overshield on the Vomvalysts and turn them into a blue glowing variant. The Vomvalysts then begin to regenerate the Hydrolysts shield and make it invulnerable until all the linked Vomvalysts are killed!
  • Vomvalyst Bloom Summon will randomly spawn buffed Vomvalysts from purple portals and may also link to nearby Vomvalysts making them invulnerable until the portal is destroyed with either your Amp or gunfire.
  • Acid Rain - move away from the green ground to avoid its DoT.