15 Warframes that are easy to farm for new players

10 Warframes that are easy to farm for new players

This is a list of all current normal warframes (not Prime versions) and where to get them:

  • Rhino : drops from The Jackal - Fossa, Venus (LV 6-8)
  • Excalibur : drops from Lieutenant Lech Kril - War, Mars (LV 11-13)
  • Frost : drops from Lt. Lech Kril & Captain Vor - Exta, Ceres (LV 14-16)
  • Mag : drops from The Sergent  - Iliad, Phobos (LV 13-15)
  • Valkyr : drops from Alad-V - Themisto, Jupiter (LV 18-20)
  • Nova : drops from Raptor - Naamah, Europa (LV 21-23)
  • Hydroid : drops from Councilor Vay Hek - Oro, Earth (LV 20-25)
  • Ember : drops from General Sargas Ruk - Tethys, Saturn (LV 24-26)
  • Limbo : components are rewarded from The Limbo Theorem quest (requires an archwing and the Jupiter>Europa junction must be completed ).
  • Oberon : drops from Eximus units (1% chance of drop). They are elite variants of standard units and can pop up on any mission,  so just keep running your missions, alerts etc. on any planet you like and you will soon have plenty of Oberon blueprints. Actually, you will soon enough have so many that you can sell the duplicates for some extra credit.


5 Warframes that are even easier to get

Being a member of a clan allow you to research and buy blueprints after they have been researched. By joining an existing clan that have already researched all the blueprints you can buy them immediately and start building them in your Forge.

The main blueprint + all component blueprints are researched and can then be bought at the Tenno Lab in your Clan Dojo for 15.000 credit each:

  • Banshee - expose weak spots of enemies
  • Nezha - tank warframe (alternative to Rhino)
  • Volt - the speed runner (one of the starting warframes you can select)
  • Wukong - a warrior with some tricks up his sleeves...
  • Zephyr - light armour but strong attacks and CC

You may also start your own clan, build the Tenno Lab and start researching, but it will take a little longer and require LOTS of materials to do so! But building rooms in your clan Dojo and researching blueprints will rank up the clan and allow you to celebrate this by getting lots of free ENDO each time the clan ranks up (this require that you build anAscension Alter first).

Either you join an existing clan or start your own, you must first build a Clan key in your forge. When you have the key, find the clan Dojo in the lower left corner of the star map to visit the Dojo.