Warframe – Banshee

The blueprints for Banshee can be bought from the Tenno Lab in your clan Dojo after they have been researched - just ask in chat for a clan that accept new members and have researched Banshee.

Banshee has a very useful passive ability; all her weapons are silenced and do not alert guards - this allow you to stealth attack guards with your gun instead of a bow.

Banshee's first ability Sonic Boom creates a shockwave that will knockdown and damage or kill enemies in front of you.  With the Sonic Fracture augment mod the enemies will have their armor temporarily reduced. Your ability strength determines how much armor is reduced and your ability duration will determine for how long. Notice you can recast Sonic Boom to stack even more armor removal and reset the duration.

The second ability - Sonar - will highlight weak spots on enemies. Hitting these weak spots will increase damage - your teammates can also see and hit these weak spots! With the Resonance augment mod  killing an enemy marked by Sonar will automatically retrigger Sonar and mark weak spots on nearby enemies for the remaining duration. This mod can be very useful especially against stronger enemies.

The third ability - Silence - will stun and silence nearby enemies - other enemies will not hear them screaming, allowing you to kill enemies without alarming all the other guards. With the Savage Silence augment mod the enemies will take more damage from your finishers as long as Silence is active, however in most cases your finisher attacks should be strong enough to kill the enemy even without this mod so I have never used it.

Sound Quake - Channel acoustic energy that will push back and damage enemies. This is very useful when you are surrounded by enemies and need to protect a mission target. The Resonating Quake augment mod will increase the range and damage of the Sound Quake but will also cost 1 more energy each second the ability is cast so make sure to also use some ability efficiency mod(s) if you opt for this augment!

Augment mods for Banshee can be bought from the Cephalon Suda or The Perrin Sequence syndicate (or you can buy from other players for Platinum).


  1. Sonic Boom - Shockwave that knockdown and damage or even kill enemies in front of you.
  2. Sonar - Highlight weak spots on enemies (all team members can see this).
  3. Silence - Stun nearby enemies and silence weapon noise and abilities.
  4. Sound Quake - Channel acoustic energy that will push back and damage enemies.