Warframe – Wukong

Wukong specialises in melee damage and has a mix of damage and survival abilities. Iron Jab and Primal Fury uses a mighty Iron Staff to damage enemies sort of like Excalibur's Exalted Blade. His main feature is to avoid dying using the Defy ability. He is also able to become invisible by turning into a cloud with Cloud Walker.

Use the Iron Jab ability to cause high single-target damage with your Iron Staff combined with an AoE crowd-control, as the Iron Jab will knock down all enemies close to the target.

The Defy ability is very useful when you are doing Sorties or other missions with high level enemies. When Defy is active Wukong can not be killed as any fatal damage will cause Defy to resurrect Wukong with a percentage of his normal health and also make you temporarily invulnerable. However, for each resurrection the restored health will become lower and lower and the max energy will also be reduced which will ultimately result in not being able to resurrect any more.

The Cloud Walker ability turn Wukong into a cloud thereby becoming invisible.  The cloud also stuns nearby enemies (AoE CC). Traveling in cloud form cost energy - the longer you travel, the more energy is consumed.

The Primal Fury ability will equip your Iron Staff for increased melee damage. The damage increases as the Iron Staff grows for each consecutive hit.

Useful Mods

You should equip a duration mod like Primed Continuity or Continuity to make the invulnerable buff from Defy last longer.

Primed Flow or Flow will allow you to keep the Defy ability active for a longer time due to less energy consumed. Will also allow you to travel longer in Cloud Walker mode.

Also consider using the Rage or Hunter Adrenaline mod to convert damage to your health into energy, which is then used for  Defy to heal you.


  1. Iron Jab - Hit the enemy with your Iron Staff.
  2. Defy - Defy death.
  3. Cloud Walker - Turn into a cloud (invisibility).
  4. Primal Fury - Equip your Iron Staff for increased melee damage.