Warframe – Hydroid

Hydroid focus on defensive abilities and use water to AoE damage and crowd-control enemies. His passive ability will summon tentacles whenever you do a slam attack. Hydroid also has an augment mod that cause enemies killed by Tentacle Swarm drop extra loot (Pilfering Swarm), which is nice for farming.

Tempest Barrage calls down a barrage of water missiles with Impact damage and knockdown; i.e a targeted AoE damage + CC. Pressing the 1 button will cast this ability - holding the button for up to 2.5 secs will charge it to deal more damage while also consuming more energy. It can also be cast during Undertow and will damage submerged enemies. This is especially useful when usefing the Corroding Barrage augment mod, as it will strip armor from enemies, which results in more damage from the Undertow DoT ticks.

Tidal Surge transforms Hydroid into a water wave, that dash forward and damage enemies. While being transformed to water Hydroid is invisible to enemies and immune to damage.

Undertow - Transforms Hydroid to a puddle  of water, that will trap any nearby enemy and deal damage over time - the damage ticks increase the longer the enemies are submerged. While transformed Hydroid is immune to damage. This ability is most efficient against enemies without armor - for this reason the Corroding Barrage augment is recommended, as it will cause the Tempest Barrage to strip armor making these two abilities a powerful combo!

Tentacle Swarm will trap and damage enemies using a several large tentacles. Use your weapons to finish off the trapped enemies. The Pilfering Swarm augment mod cause enemies to drop extra loot. Casting Tentacle Swarm while being in Undertow mode will cause the tentacles to rise from the puddle and do increased damage.


  1. Tempest Barrage - Launch barrage of water missiles (targeted AoE damage + CC).
  2. Tidal Surge - Dash forward and damage enemies with a large water wave.  (mobility + AoE damage).
  3. Undertow - Transforms Hydroid to a puddle  of water, that will trap any nearby enemy and deal damage over time. (AoE damage + CC).
  4. Tentacle Swarm - Traps nearby enemies with tentacles. (AoE damage + CC).