Warframe – Valkyr

Warning: If you prefer to pick of enemies from a distance with a sniper rifle, Valkyr is not the right Warframe for you - she is all about melee damage!

Valkyr's is able to pull enemies into melee range with her Rip Line and boost not only her own but all team mates melee attack speed with a Warcry. With the damage boost of her warcry + berserker mode (Hysteria) Valkyr can nuke enemies with fast melee attacks.

She also has some survival abilities as she slow down enemies and boost her armour with a Warcry, stun down enemies with Paralysis and quickly get out of trouble with  Rip Line. Combo attacks with Warcry and Paralysis when Valkyr is in Hysteria mode will boost the damage making her a true berserker! Try to keep Warcry and Hysteria up at all time when there are enemies around, as this will greatly boost the damage of Valkyr (and also melee attacks from allies).

Valkyrs abilities:

The Rip Line ability throws a hook that pulls the enemy target towards you and deal damage. Target the heads of enemies will result in a headshot with the hook that will most likely rip the head of and kill the enemy. If you target terrain instead of an enemy, Valkyr is pulled to that location, which is very useful to quickly get away.

Warcry will boost allies with increased melee attack speed and increased armour while slowing down nearby enemies. This result in less damage taken and more damage output (when using melee weapons). Hint: Warcry will also boost your attack speed when in Hysteria mode for increased damage!

The Paralysis ability only use very little energy - however it will use 50% of your current shield! It generate a pulse that stuns and damage nearby enemies; the amount of damage depends on how much shield energy is used - more shield energy results in more damage. For this reason you should mod for increased shield size to boost the damage of Paralysis + have some shield regeneration mods or sentinels to quickly recharge your shields again. Hint: When Valkyr is in Hysteria mode she is invulnerable so it doesn't matter that you use half of the shield!

Hysteria makes Valkyr temporarily invulnerable; she will attack all nearby enemies with savage melee attacks. However, if Hysteria does not kill all enemies a fraction of the damage will be reflected back to Valkyr when Hysteria ends.

Range mods will increase performance of all Valkyr's abilities. Strength mods will boost from Rip Line, Warcry and Paralysis. Duration mods will boost Warcry and Paralysis giving you more time to kill the enemies.


  1. Rip Line - Throw a hook that pulls an enemy towards you or pull you to the location, if it hits the terrain.
  2. Warcry - Increase melee attack speed of allies and slow down enemies.
  3. Paralysis - AOE stun + damage
  4. Hysteria - AOE damage