Warframe – Mag

Even though Mag is one of the starter Warframes, her abilities are rather complex due to the synergy between Magnetize and Polarize and how both Polarize and Crush can be used to restore shields. She can strip enemies of shield and armour, and also damage and crowd control those enemies. On top of that she can also restore the shields of allies and even give them more shield than they would usually have ("Overshield").

The Pull ability will pull enemies towards you and into melee range; it will also damage and stun the enemies. Low level enemies may even be killed by the pull and have a chance of dropping an energy orb.

The Magnetize ability creates magnetic field around a target and will attract nearby enemies to the magnetic field. The magnetized target will take increased damage (default 2x damage but increases with ability strength). Any bullets (both from enemies and allies!) that come in contact with the magnetic field will be redirected and damage the magnetized target. Shards from the Polarize ability will also increase the damage of Magnetize. It is possible to magnetize up to 4 different targets at the same time; the magnetic field will follow the target. If the target dies while the magnetic field is active, it will result in a blast that damages nearby enemies.

Polarize will drain enemy shields and armour while refreshing shields of allies. Damaged enemies will send out a magnetic pulse that also damages nearby enemies.  Damaged enemies will also result in several shards that increases Magnetize damage if the shards touch the magnetic field.

Crush will lift all nearby enemies into the air and deal ticks of damage  while being casted. For each enemy damaged by Crush an amount of shield is being regenerated not only on Mag but on all allies; this can result in a large "Overshield" i.e. more shield than you would normally have. Using a range mod will allow Crush to CC and damage more enemies which will result in more Overshield for allies.

For more details about Mag see this page.


  1. Pull - Pull enemies towards you into melee range and stuns them (CC)
  2. Magnetize - Create a magnetic field around a target that attracts enemy and ally fire and cause damage over time to all enemies within the magnetic buble. Bullets and shards from Polarize will increase the damage.
  3. Polarize - Drain enemy shields and armour while refreshing shields of allies. Also creates shards that will increase Magnetize damage.
  4. Crush - Will CC all nearby enemies and also deal damage + restore shiels of allies.