Warframe – Nezha

Nezha is a tank warframe but his abilities are very different from Rhino. His abilities focus on high mobility with increased movement speed and teleportation + damage and crowd control + more damage. 🙂

The Fire Walker ability will increase Nezha's movement speed and leaves behind a trail of flames that scorch enemies who come into contact with the flames.

Blazing Chakram throws a flaming ring that damage enemies and mark them. When the marked enemies dies they will release a small healing blast to any closeby ally. When the chakram is in the air you can tap the key again to teleport Nezha to the location of the chakram.

Warding Halo shields Nezha from damage but the protective ring will also stun and damage enemies who get too close. With an augment mod Nezha can even shield allies for 50% of his own shield!

Divine Spears is an AOE crowd-control that impales nearby enemies  with spears rising up from the ground. Tap twice to retract the spears slamming the enemies to the ground.

Which tank is best - Rhino or Nezha?

Depends... Rhino is in my experience tougher and can normally survive any encounter so I will usually bring Rhino when I know I will be facing some serious enemies. Nezha however has more mobility and is also able to deal some passive damage to enemies from  Fire Walker and Warding Halo, so in general I prefer to use Nezha for farming.

Both are very easy to get for new players:

  • Rhino blueprints can be farmed from low level boss fights.
  • Nezha blueprints can be bought from the Tenno LAB in a Clan Dojo and only require farming for materials.

And both have some common survival tools:

  • Both have abilities that shields against damage: Iron Skin vs Warding Halo.
  • Both have very useful AOE crowd control abilities that also deal damage on their #4: Rhino Stomp vs Divine Spears.
  • Both have some mobility tools: Rhino Charge is a fast low cost charge; Nezha has improved movement speed with Flame Walker and a teleport with Blazing Chakram

The main differences are:

  • Rhino's Roar ability will increase damage of all nearby allies where Nezhas abilities cause him to do damage to enemies that are stupid enough to get close to his Flame Walker or Warding Halo.
  • Rhino's Iron Skin not only shields him against damage, it also make Rhino immune against stuns, stagger and knockdown effects which is very useful against certain enemies.
  • Nezhas Warding Halo not only shields him but also does damage to nearby enemies which is a nice damage boost when you are doing melee damage.
  • Allies close to an enemy marked with Nezha's Blazing Chakram will also get a small healing when the enemy is killed
  • Nezha has more power which means you can use his abilities more often while Rhino has more armor, shield and health making him more survivable when low on energy.


  1. Fire Walker - Nezha leaves behind a trail of flames that increase his movement speed and scorch enemies.
  2. Blazing Chakram - throw a flaming ring that damage enemies and cause a healing blast to closeby allies when the marked enemy dies. Tap twice to teleport to the location of the chakram.
  3. Warding Halo - protective ring that also stuns and damage enemies who get too close
  4. Divine Spears - impale nearby enemies (CC). Tap twice to retract the spears slamming the enemies to the ground.