How to get more Warframes

During the tutorial you can pick freely between Excalibur, Mag and Volt. Excalibur is perhaps the most popular choice and is great not only for beginners but also in endgame, but it actually doesn't matter which one you choose, as they are all fun to play and you will soon be able to get the blueprints for the others: Volt can be bought from a Clan Dojo so simply join a clan that have researched Volt - Excalibur and Mag can be farmed from low level boss fights so they are all very easy to get!

You should however not limit your playing experience to the single warframe you selected during the tutorial - other warframes may be more fun or better suit your personal playstyle - or even be much better for specific mission types. Some warframes are tanks, that can survive massive damage, that would normally kill other warframes. Other are very good at being stealthy and avoid the guards and alarms on those SPY missions. Other warframes are great at AOE damage or crowd control. Some adds extra utility to a group by e.g. healing allies or restoring shield or energy so your team mates may use their own special abilities more often.

Check out this page to see which warframes I think you should get ASAP!

To get a new warframe you must first farm blueprints for Chassis, Systems and Neuroptics and build these in your forge (may require some more farming for the materials). You then buy the main blueprint in the market and build the final warframe. However, some blueprints can not be farmed but are rewards from missions or alerts. Some blueprints are rewards from special quests (see below). A few warframes will require you to farm even more blueprints, e.g. Chroma and Equinox.

Most warframes are available in both a normal and Prime version; on this page I will only describe where to get the normal version. Blueprints to Prime versions can be acquired by first farming Void Relics, that are then unlocked by doing Void Fissure missions. These blueprints can also be bought for Platinum by trading with other players.

At the Warframe web site you can also buy a Prime Warframe on the Prime Access page for real money - this also includes two prime weapons and some optional cosmetics + Platinum (if you look at the normal prices for Platinum this is actually a very good offer, however you can get a 50% discount on Platinum on your daily login reward if you are lucky). Buying from the shop allow you to equip the Prime warframe and weapons immediately even those normally gated behind a Mastery Rank, which can make leveling much easier and faster.


Where to get all Warframes

This is a list of all current normal warframes (not Prime versions) and where to get them:

  • Ash : drops from maniacs (33% drop chance)
  • Atlas : the main blueprint is a mission reward from The Jordas Precept - the other blueprints drops from the Jordas Golem archwing missions.
  • Banshee : Tenno Lab in Clan Dojo.
  • Chroma : the main blueprint is mission reward from The New Strange; - the other blueprints are awarded from completing junctions: Neuroptics = Uranus / Chassis = Neptune / Systems = Pluto. You will however also need to farm an Ember Neuroptics, Frost Chassis, Saryn Systems and Volt Neuroptics to build Chroma.
  • Ember : drops from General Sargas Ruk - Tethys, Saturn (LV 24-26)
  • Equinox : Require you to forge both an Equinox Night Aspect and Equinox Day Aspect, each of which requiring the usual Neuroptics / Chassis / Systems blueprints. The blueprints drops from Tyl Regor at Titania, Uranus.
  • Excalibur : drops from Lieutenant Lech Kril - War, Mars (LV 11-13)
  • Frost : drops from Lt. Lech Kril & Captain Vor - Exta, Ceres (LV 14-16)
  • Gara : the main blueprint is a quest reward from Saya's Vigil. The other blueprints are acquired from bounties.
  • Garuda : the blueprint is a quest reward from the Vox Solaris< quest (intro quest to Fortuna).  The other blueprints drop from bounties in Orb Vallis. You also need to farm materials by doing mining in Orb Vallis.
  • Harrow : the main blueprint is a quest reward from Chains of Harrow. The Chassis blueprint is acquired from Void fissure enemies; the Neuroptics blueprint drops from SPY mission on Pago, Kuva Fortress (LV 31-33 ) NOTICE: You need to complete all 3 vaults!; the Systems blueprint drops from rotation C on Defection missions : Memphis, Phobos LV15-25 / Caracol, Saturn LV26-36 / Yursa, Neptune LV 30-40.
  • Hydroid : drops from Councilor Vay Hek - Oro, Earth (LV 20-25)
  • Inaros : blueprints are obtained from the Sands of Inaros quest, that can be bought from Baro Ki'Teer (an NPC that visit a random relay every two weeks). You can read a complete guide here.
  • Ivara : blueprints drop from various SPY missions on different levels, incl. Nightmare mode! All require that you complete all 3 vaults with a drop chance of 5-9%
  • Khora : drops from Sanctuary Onslaught missions
  • Limbo : components are rewarded from The Limbo Theorem quest (requires an archwing and the Jupiter>Europa junction must be completed).
  • Loki : drops from The Hyena - Psamathe, Neptune (LV 30-32)
  • Mag : drops from The Sergent  - Iliad, Phobos (LV 13-15)
  • Mesa : drops from Mutalist Alad V - Mutalist Alad V Assassination, Eris
  • Mirage : reward from the Hidden Messages quest
  • Nekros : drops from Lephantis - Assassination Mission, Orokin Derelict. It require a special key to gain access to the Orokin Derelict Assassination Mission. You need to buy the blueprint "Orokin Derelict Assassination Blueprint" from the market and farm the materials incl. 5 Lephantis Nav Coordinate to build the key and gain access. The Lephantis Nav Coordinate's drop from other Orokin Derelict missions, which in turn also need blueprints and plain Nav Coordinates from Void missions to gain access, so Nekros will possibly require some grinding to unlock - but he is worth the grind! *
  • Nezha : Tenno Lab in Clan Dojo
  • Nidus : main blueprint is reward from The Glast Gambit quest. The components drops from rotation C on Oestrus, Eris.
  • Nova : drops from Raptor - Naamah, Europa (LV 21-23)
  • Nyx : drops from Phorid on any planet with an infested invasion, where Phoriad will replace the normal assassination mission target (only if assassination mission is replaced with invasion mission).
  • Oberon : drops from Eximus units (1% chance of drop). They are elite variants of standard units and can pop up on any mission,  so just keep running your missions, alerts etc. on any planet you like and you will soon have plenty of Oberon blueprints. Actually, you will soon enough have so many that you can sell the duplicates for some extra credit.
  • Octavia : main blueprint is reward from the Octavia's Anthem quest. The Chassis blueprint is reward from the Lua music puzzle; the Neuroptics drops from rotation C of Orokin Derelict Survival; the Systems drop from rotation A cache in Lua Crossfire missions.
  • Revenant : main blueprint is awarded from the Nakak quest (require Observer rank with The Quills on Cetus). The components are rewards from bounties on Plains of Eidolon.
  • Rhino : drops from The Jackal - Fossa, Venus (LV 6-8)
  • Saryn : Kela De Thaym - Merrow, Sedna (LV 35-40)
  • Titania : reward from The Silver Grove quest, that is obtained from the New Loka leader at any relay station.
  • Trinity : drops from Ambulas - Hades, Pluto  (LV 35-45). You need to farm 20 Animo Nav Beacons to access Hades, which adds extra time to the grind for those Trinity blueprints! These are obtained by destroying and hacking "Ambulas" robots deployed from dropships on outdoor missions on Pluto. 
  • Valkyr : drops from Alad-V - Themisto, Jupiter (LV 18-20)
  • Vauban : sometimes given as mission rewards - check your alerts.
  • Volt: Tenno Lab in Clan Dojo or bought Teshin if you have max rank in the Conclave.
  • Wukong : Tenno Lab in Clan Dojo
  • Zephyr : Tenno Lab in Clan Dojo