Warframe – Oberon

Oberon is one of the easiest warframes to get blueprints for, as they can be farmed from the end boss on Earth. He has a mix of damage and healing abilities.

The Smite ability will damage your target and then project outwards and damage any nearby enemies.

The Hallowed Ground will sanctify the ground before Oberon with holy fire, that damage any enemy that stand in the fire.

The Renewal ability will regenerate health to nearby allies over time

The Reckoning ability will CC and damage enemies by lifting them into the air and them hurl them into the ground. Any the enemy killed by the Reckoning has a chance of spawning a health sphere, which can then be used to heal Oberon or any ally.

Where to get Oberon / Oberon Prime

To build Oberon you buy the Oberon blueprint in the market and farm blueprints for Oberon Chassis, Oberon Systems and Oberon Neuroptics.

The blueprints for Oberon drops from  the Councilor Vay Hek boss fight on Everest, Earth.

Alternatively you can get blueprints for Oberon Prime by farming these void relics:

  • Meso N4: Oberon blueprint (uncommon)
  • Meso O1: Oberon Neuroptics blueprint (rare)
  • Axi H2: Oberon Chassis blueprint (common)
  • Axi O1: Oberon Systems blueprint (rare)

Check your ingame Codex to see where these relics drop or check the Warframe Wiki.


  1. Smite - Damage a target + AOE damage to nearby enemies.
  2. Hallowed Ground - Frontal AOE damage.
  3. Renewal - Regenerate health to nearby allies.
  4. Reckoning - Damage enemies + chance of spawning a health sphere.