Warframe – Limbo

Limbo is the Rift master - he can easily avoid damage by entering the Rift plane and can pull enemies into the Rift, where he has the upper hand and can do more damage to the enemies.

Warning: First-time Limbo player will be confused when they enter a Rift by accident as they can't do any damage to enemies or pickup loot inside the Rift, and may not know how to exit the Rift again. Also many noob Limbo players will constantly spam Rift portals that are very annoying for the rest of the team. Don't be that noob Limbo - Know how to Limbo before you bring Limbo to a public group!

Limbo can use the Banish ability to pull a single enemy or ally into the rift plane (this will also do damage to enemies). Hint: The Banish ability can also be used to pull the target on a Rescue mission into the Rift plane and thereby protect them from damage!

The Cataclysm ability is an AOE that forces everything within its range into the rift - this is useful for protecting a mission target (similar to Frost's Frost Globe). Inside the rift allies  can not take damage from enemies outside the rift. However, enemies may walk into the Cataclysm AOE and enter the rift themself - or be pulled by Limbo using a Banish.

Limbo can freely enter and exit the rift plane just by double clicking the RUN button (default: SHIFT button) or the ROLL button (default: unbound - I prefer to bind it to the thumb button on my mouse to quickly enter and exit the rift). However, this will leave a small Rift portal for a few seconds - any ally that run into this portal by accident will be pulled to the Rift plane, where they can not shoot enemies or pick up loot, which can be very annoying.  Advice: Never run directly behind a Limbo player! 😉

Enemies inside the rift can be crowd-controlled using the Stasis ability and the Rift Surge can increase damage on enemies inside the rift.

Limbo is great for solo missions as you can simply enter the rift plane to avoid taking damage from enemies, lasers etc - sprint to the target and finish the mission very efficiently. For instance you can quickly run around the entire map looking for treasure rooms or Ayatan Sculptures etc. without taking any damage at all!


  1. Banish - Pull the target into the rift plane; enemies take damage by being banished to the rift.
  2. Stasis - Freeze banished enemies
  3. Rift Surge - Increase damage on banished enemies
  4. Cataclysm - Pulls everything within range into the rift