Warframe – Frost

Frost focus on damage reduction and crowd-control. He is great for DEFENCE, MOBILE DEFENCE, EXCAVATION and INTERCEPT missions, where you need to defend  a specific location, as the Snow Globe ability protects not only yourself but everybody inside the snow globe including any data terminal etc. you need to defend. The Snow Globe ability place a shield around your current location; you can make the shield stronger by casting the Snow Globe several times. If you need to quickly remove the Snow Globe you can target it with the Freeze ability to destroy it.

Notice: One weakness with the  snow globe is that it protects anybody inside; if an enemy walks inside and you are standing outside, the enemy is protected by the snow globe! 

You can mod the Snow Globe to have a chance to freeze enemies that try to walk through it so you also get some passive crowd-control. You can also use mods to increase the size, strength and duration of the shield.

The Freeze ability will damage and freeze a single enemy; the Ice Wave damage and freeze all enemies in front of you and the Avalanche freeze and damage all nearby enemies.  With the right mods Ice Wave is a strong crowd-control tool, e.g. you can mod the Ice Wave to leave some ice on the ground that will freeze other enemies when walking over it.


  1. Freeze - Freeze your enemy (single target CC).
  2. Ice Wave - Freeze and Damage all enemies in front of you (frontal CC).
  3. Snow Globe - Shields allies inside the globe from damage.
  4. Avalanche - Freeze and damage all nearby enemies (AOE CC).