Warframe – Ember

Ember is all about doing massive amount of fire damage - and then boost it to do even more damage! As a veteran WOW player Ember feels like a Fire Mage on steroids!

The Fireball is a quick cast that does damage to a single target.

Using the Accelerant spell will stun nearby enemies and boost all fire damage!

The Fire Blast does AOE fire damage to nearby enemies.

Embers coolest ability is World on Fire - it does massive amounts of fire damage to all nearby enemies. With mods for increased strength and duration you can just run around killing all enemies without doing anything - you just watch them catch fire and quickly burn to death before they can reach you. I had great fun using Ember for the recent "Operation Plague Star" event;  World on Fire took care of all the nearby mobs while I focused on shooting the final boss.

Where to get Ember

The blueprint for Ember is sold in the market. You also need to farm blueprints for Ember Chassis, Ember Systems and Ember Neuroptics - these blueprints all drop from the General Sargas Ruk boss fight (Tethys on Saturn).

Alternatively you can get blueprints for Ember Prime by farming these void relics:

  • Ember Prime Blueprint : Meso E1 or Neo E1 (Rare)
  • Ember Prime Chassis : Neo F1 (Common)
  • Ember Prime Systems : Axi S2 (Uncommon)
  • Ember Prime Neuroptics : Meso F3 (Common)

Check your ingame Codex to see where these relics drop or check the Warframe Wiki.


  1. Fireball - Throw a fireball in the face of your enemies!
  2. Accelerant - Stun nearby enemies and increase all fire damage.
  3. Fire Blast - AOE fire damage to nearby enemies + adds fire damage to your weapons.
  4. World on Fire - AOE fire damage to all nearby enemies.