Warframe – Rhino

Rhino is a tank warframe; his Iron Skin ability make him able to survive heavy damage that would kill other warframes. Use mods to upgrade your ability strength and duration to keep the Iron Skin buff up as long as possible for increased survivability.

The Rhino Charge ability is very useful to quickly get into melee range with enemies and will damage all enemies you charge through.

Rhino also adds a damage buff to a party by using the Roar ability to boost damage from nearby allies (and Rhino).

Rhino Stomp is a very useful crowd control (CC) ability; it throws nearby enemies up into the air where they tumble around in stasis for some time.

Where to get Rhino

The blueprint for Rhino is sold in the market. You also need to farm blueprints for Rhino Chassis, Rhino Systems and Rhino Neuroptics - these blueprints all drop from The Jackal boss fight on Fossa, Venus.

Alternatively you can get blueprints for Rhino Prime by farming these void relics:

  • Lith B4: Rhino Prime Neuroptics blueprint (uncommon)
  • Meso N6: Rhino Prime Chassis blueprint (uncommon)
  • Neo R1: Rhino Prime blueprint (rare)
  • Axi S3: Rhino Systems (common

Check your ingame Codex to see where these relics drop or check the Warframe Wiki.


  1. Rhino Charge - Charge through enemies and damage in front of you.
  2. Iron Skin - Damage reduction.
  3. Roar - Increased damage for nearby allies.
  4. Rhino Stomp - Nearby enemies tumble around in the air (AOE CC).