MUST Have Warframes!

5 MUST HAVE warframes

There are many amazing and cool warframes and I enjoy playing most of them. However, there is a small set of warframes that I use more than other because their special abilities make some missions (or Mastery Rank tests) much, much easier! I highly recommend you starts collecting blueprints and build these warframes as soon as possible:

  • Rhino - tank, strong survival, able to solo most missions. Blueprints drops from The Jackal - Fossa, Venus (LV 6-8)
  • Frost - very useful for protecting mission target in Defence/Mobile Defence/Excavation/Interception missions. Blueprints drops from Lt. Lech Kril & Captain Vor - Exta, Ceres (LV 14-16)
  • Loki - best stealth warframe, great if you want to solo a Spy mission. Blueprints drops from The Hyena - Psamathe, Neptune (LV 30-32)
  • Limbo - can avoid damage by entering Rift plane, can also protect a mission target. Useful in Rescue/Defence/Mobile Defence/Excavation/Interception missions. Blueprints are rewarded from The Limbo Theorem quest (requires an archwing and the Jupiter>Europa junction must be completed).
  • Trinity - healer / support warframe. Trinity's energy restoration allow allies to use their own abilities more often. Blueprints drops from Ambulas - Hades, Pluto  (LV 35-45).

Rhino and Frost are easy to farm even for new players - soon after you will also be able to farm blueprints for Loki and Limbo. T

Trinity however will require some more time to unlock. To farm blueprints for Trinity you must first farm 20 Animo Nav Beacons in order to gain access to Hades, which adds extra time to the grind for those Trinity blueprints! These nav beacons are obtained by destroying and hacking "Ambulas" robots deployed from dropships on outdoor tile sets on Pluto.

Hint: If you have a Twitch Prime account you can link it to your Warframe account. This will grant you a free Trinity Prime warframe and also some weapons and stuff.  You can create a free Twitch Prime trial account and claim your free Twitch Prime! Read more here.

Check out this page for more warframes to collect.

6 More Warframes you should definitely consider

  • Ember - amazing AOE damage! 
  • Ivara - can make some MR tests easier... 
  • Gara - can tank while doing AOE damage, CC enemies and protect mission target
  • Nekros - Desecrate your enemies and get extra loot!
  • Nezha - Fast and tanky warframe, great for farming or speedruns
  • Oberon - utility warframe with some AOE damage and healing abilities


Ember is all about damage - especially AOE damage. If you believe the best defence is a strong offence, then you will probably prefer Ember instead of Frost. 🙂 Blueprints drops from General Sargas Ruk - Tethys, Saturn (LV 24-26).

Ivara has some good stealth abilities but the main reason you need Ivara is to easily pass some of the Mastery Rank tests! Ivara is good for SPY missions but Loki and Ash are better. Blueprints drop from various SPY missions on different levels, incl. Nightmare mode. You must complete all 3 Spy vaults for a chance for the blueprints to drop.

At first I thought Gara was just another defensive warframe sort of like Frost but I was wrong! Gara can protect (some) area just like Frost, yes - but her main feature is to be able to stack a damage buff FOREVER so she can do massive AOE damage to nearby enemies if you know how to use her abilities! Notice: On some tile sets the landscape allow enemies to walk over or jump inside Gara's wall  so her ability to protect a mission target require the landscape to be more or less flat. The main blueprint is a quest reward from Saya's Vigil. The other blueprints are acquired from bounties on Plains of Eidolon.

If you are a veteran WOW player you should definitely try Nekros as he is able to raise an army of dead enemies just like the Lich King! Having a Nekros on your team result in extra loot from desecrated enemies so he is very useful when farming resources! Blueprints drops from Lephantis - Assassination Mission, Orokin Derelict - see this page for details.

Oberon is very easy to farm and is very useful in a team due to his healing abilities. I prefer to use Trinity for healing but you will probably unlock Oberon way before Trinity. Blueprints drops from Eximus units (1% chance of drop). They are elite variants of standard units and can pop up on any mission. Blueprints drops pretty often so you will soon have plenty of Oberon blueprints (you can sell those duplicates for credits).

See this page for information about where to farm blueprints for warframes.