Warframe – Damage types

Elemental damage

Elemental damage is in general stronger than physical damage. Furthermore, if you place two elemental damage mods next to each other in the mod slots, they will combine into a secondary elemental damage:

  • Blast = Cold + Heat
  • Corrosive = Electric + Toxin
  • Gas = Heat + Toxin
  • Magnetic = Cold + Electric
  • Radiation = Electric + Heat
  • Viral = Cold + Toxin

Know your enemy!

In general, each enemy is vulnerable to specific types of damage but may be resistant to other types of damage.

Notice that each weapon and warframe has three different MOD configurations; you can use these to optimize your damage against different enemies:

  • Grineer: Use Puncture, Radiation and Toxin damage mods.
  • Corpos: Use Impact, Magnetic and Toxin damage mods.
  • Infested: Use Slash, Corrosive and Heat damage mods.
  • Corrupted: Use Corrosive and Cold damage mods.

Status effects

A Status effect is a special effect that occurs at random when using your weapons; this is also known as a "proc"  = Programmed Random Occurrence. Some weapons have a higher status chance i.e. a higher probability for the status effect to proc. You can increase the status chance and duration with mods.

Every damage type has a secondary effect that is activated if it manages to proc:

  • Impact proc : Cause enemies to stagger
  • Puncture proc : Enemies deal 30% less damage
  • Slash proc : Bleeding and damage over time; ignores armor, shields etc.
  • Heat proc : sets enemy on fire resulting in panic, i.e. a CC
  • Cold proc : freeze enemy and slow them down
  • Electric proc :  chain lightning to nearby enemies, will kind of stun them
  • Toxin proc : cause damage over time
  • Corrosive proc : strip 25% of armour (stacks)
  • Radiation proc : cause enemies to be confused and start attacking each other
  • Viral proc : cause the HP to be half for the duration of the status effect
  • Gas proc : cause AOE gas cloud that deal Toxin damage
  • Magnetic proc : reduce shield current and max shields of enemy by 75%
  • Blast proc : 5m radial knockdown

Some weapons have higher Status change than others; this can be further increased using mods if you want to increase your chance of having a status proc activating these secondary effects.

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