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In general, it is better to prioritize a few upgraded mods than several weaker mods;  Quality is better than Quantity!

Warframe mods

For warframes you should prioritize your mods in the early game as:

  1. Health, shield and energy mods: Flow, Redirection, Vitality.
  2. Any aura mod matching your warframes aura slot as this will give you additional mod capacity.
  3. Power mods: Continuity, Intensify, Streamline, Stretch.
  4. Shield regeneration: Fast Deflection
  5. Mobility mods: Rush

Do not waste mod slots on elemental resistance mods or bleedout mods.

Weapon mods

For weapons you should generally prioritize your early game mods as:

  1. Damage mods: Hornet Strike, Point Blank, Pressure Point, Serration.
  2. Multishot mods: Barrel Diffusion, Hell's Chamber, Lethal Torrent, Split Chamber.
  3. Elemental damage mods (Cold, Electric, Heat and Toxin).
  4. Critical chance and multiplier mods: Blunderbuss, Pistol Gambit, Organ Shatter, Point Strike, Ravage, Target Cracker, True Steel, Vital Sense - BUT ONLY IF you weapon has high crit chance and good crit damage!
  5. Fire-rate / attack-speed mods: Fury, Gunslinger, Shotgun Spazz, Speed Trigger.
  6. Physical damage mods (Impact / Puncture / Slash)  - mod your strongest physical damage only.
  7. Status mods

Remember to take this as a general guideline only and ALWAYS look at the stats of your current weapon when deciding how to mod it!

Look at the strongest stats on your weapon and use mods that make these stats even more powerful! If your weapon has strong Slash damage, boost it with a Slash damage boost. If your weapon has high Critical chance, consider modding for even more Critical chance and more Critical damage will give you a strong DPS increase. If your weapon has high Status chance, modding for more Status chance will result in more Status effect procs that cause damage over time, stuns etc.

However, if your weapon has very low Critical chance DO NOT waste mods for increasing Critical chance or Critical damage - mod for more elemental or physical damage instead.

Some weapons e.g. sniper rifles and shotguns have a small ammo capacity and you may run out of ammo against high level enemies (especially if you have equipped some fire-rate mods). Replace your lowest priority mod with an ammo mutation mod if you often experience running out of ammo. You can also replace your normal sentinel/companion with Carrier, as this sentinel can restock your ammo - this will save you a mod slot!

In general, physical damage mods (Impact, Puncture and Slash) are weaker than the elemental damage mods. However, if your weapon already have a lot of e.g. Impact it should scale well if you mod for extra Impact.

Notice: if you play Nekros you should pick some weapons with large amounts of Slash damage and mod for even more Slash, as this will cause your Desecrate ability to drop even more loot!

Status chance mods are not important in early game as most enemies are easy to kill, but when you are up against harder enemies with lots of shield and armor Status becomes more important as the Status effect procs can do massive amounts of damage-over-time (DoT)! For some weapons you get more DPS by modding for status effects than e.g. modding for Crit.

Hint: Once you unlock the Simulacrum by earning syndicate rep with Cephalon Simaris, you can test different weapons and mod configurations against various enemies and see what works best for you.

Primed Mods

Most of your mods you will get from just running missions over and over again and hoping for RNG to give you that specific mod you need.

However, each 14 day a NPC named Baro Ki'teer will arrive at a random relay station, where he has some special items for sale including a few Primed mods - these are extra powerful versions of your standard mods.

To buy a primed mod you first need to get enough credits and Dukat's. A Primed mod may cost e.g. 350.000 credits + 350 Dukat so a bit of farming is required...

How to get Dukat's to buy Primed Mods:

You get Dukat's by selling Prime blueprints or Prime components to the vendor machine a few meters to the right of Baro Ki'teer.

Prime blueprints are rewards from Void Fissure missions. To get the reward you must equip a Void Relic before the mission start and then kill enemies until you have collected 10 void fissures, which will then crack your Void Relic. You can farm Void Relics by running e.g. Defence or Excavation missions.

Important: DO NOT solo void fissure missions - always run those in a 4 man group. The reason is that if you are not satisfied with your own reward, you can also see what reward the other team members got from their void relic, and you can then freely choose one of the other rewards instead if you prefer!

Which Prime blueprint should I pick as reward?

If you are farming for a specific Warframe or weapon, you should of course select that blueprint if it drops.

If you are farming for Prime blueprints to sell for Dukat you should select the most expensive Blueprint - just look at the color of the reward text:

  • Bronze blueprints sell for 15 Dukat.
  • Silver blueprints (reward text actually looks more white than silver) sell for 45 Dukat.
  • Gold blueprints sell for 100 Dukat.

When you are doing a Void Fissure mission you will collect some void fissures that can be used to upgrade a Void Relic to Radiant level - this improves your chance of getting a rare blueprint from the relic and thus also improves on your chance to get more Dukat's if you chose to sell the blueprint.

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